8 Resolutions That Will Take Your Career to Next Level In 2019

By Vishal Chauhan - 14/12/2018

While you make resolutions to be fitter, to look better, spend more time with family or travel to new places, then why shouldn't you set new, exciting goals for your career as well? As 2019 is around the corner, sit back and think about how you want to shape your career and set resolutions to make it happen. Here’s some help for you to plan better…


When God Becomes Your Slave! By: Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

By Vishal Chauhan - 03/12/2018

What you call as your body and mind is a certain accumulation of memory. It is because of memory – or you can call it information – that your body has taken the particular shape that it has.


10 Creepy Stuff That People Need To Stop Doing After A Break-Up

By SIBA RINGMASTER - 23/11/2017

As we were getting more sincere , I was thinking the future and what ... After a hour, he parted ways with me, saying, "Computer games are my greatest ... You know, following quite a while of sappy discussions about the amount he missed me.