Check Out The Big Boss Contestant Will Be Working With Prabhas Film


The internet is having a field day as far back as 'Awaam Ki Jaan' reported that she's packed away a film inverse Southern Superstar Prabhas. Like, did anybody even observe this coming. That is to say, had the Bigg Boss fame said she wishes to work with Prabhas would have been alright however proclaiming that she's now marked a Prabhas starrer isn't just astonishing but instead stunning.

Truth be told, she's even proceeded to express gratitude toward Salman Khan for helping her with this huge undertaking as her tweet reads

Check Out The Big Boss Contestant Will Be Working With Prabhas Film

Arshi’s fans however are rejoicing the fact that their ‘Jaan’ is actually making everyone proud, despite not winning the title of Bigg Boss 11. They are even recalling the time when Hina Khan had slammed Arshi for being worthless on the show:

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