'Ram Setu' natural or man-made? Shocking Allegation on US TV Channel


Is Ram Setu from Ramayana genuine? This inquiry a great many Indians have been requesting numerous years! According to Hindu convictions, Ram Setu, or Rama's Bridge, was produced using a progression of limestone shakes that cross over any barrier between the islands of Mannar, close northwestern Sri Lanka, and Rameswaram, off the southeastern shoreline of India. The Ram Setu connect is accepted to be 30 km long and 3 km wide. A few people additionally trust that you could really stroll on Ram Setu up until the point that 1480 AD before an awesome twister hit it and pushed the scaffold underneath ocean level and scattered most of the stones.

In spite of there are various doubters in India who trust that the Ram Setu was never constructed and was only a characteristic shake development.

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Presently an American science station appears to have tossed greater clearness on the Setu. The channel asserted that the antiquated stories about the development of a man-made scaffold in Ramayana, could be valid. In a promo, discharged on December 12, Discovery Communications-possessed Science Channel said its wayfarers have discovered that scaffold situated in the universal waters amongst India and Sri Lanka seems, by all accounts, to be man-made.

The show has utilized satellite pictures from NASA and statements researchers and geologists from Indiana University Northwest, University of Colorado Boulder, and Southern Oregon University. They say the 50-km extend — between Pamban Island close Rameshwaram in India and Mannar Island off Sri Lanka — is man-made.

All of this hints that while the sand formation was natural, the rocks (which are said to be 7,000 years old) have been placed there. More information about the discovery will be uncovered when the show airs.

Published Date: Dec 12, 2017 11:16 pm | Updated Date: Dec 13, 2017 06:36 am

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