2 Men Trying to Sell Minor, Men Call Delhi Police By Mistake

2 Men Trying to Sell Minor, Men Call Delhi Police By Mistake

Delhi police have captured two men who were supposedly endeavoring to sell a minor young lady to whorehouses in the red light territory of Delhi's GB Road. The twosome, recognized Amar and Ranjeet Shah, both hailing from Bihar's Supaul area were captured by police on Wednesday by laying a trap, after the cops got a unintentional tip off.

It started with a telephone call a long time back when somebody dialed the quantity of Kamla Market SHO Sunil Kumar offering to offer a trafficked minor young lady for prostitution. The captured men admitted that they got the number from the web and expected that Kumar was delar in GB street. 
Acknowledging what they have unearthed, the cops chose to play along and communicated enthusiasm for purchasing the young lady.

The two men had at first requested Rs 3.5 lakhs in return of the young lady, yet following quite a while of arrangement made due with a cost of Rs 2.3 lakhs. DCP (focal) MS Randhawa said cops in regular clothes laid a trap or the two men who said they will hand over the young lady, yet the charged later changed the time and scene. On Wednesday they requested that the cops meet them outside New Delhi railroad station at night.

As guaranteed the police group in regular clothes, putting on a show to be massage parlor proprietors went to the spot, where the two were holding up. 
On an installment of Rs 20,000 ahead of time, one of the charged, Amar left the place and came back with the young lady.

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2 Men Trying to Sell Minor, Men Call Delhi Police By Mistake

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