20 Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

Deepak, 23/03/2017
20 Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

If you already dated her for some time and you think now she is your girlfriend, that’s fantastic! But I can say for sure that you are still trying to impress her. You are searching for the questions to ask your girlfriend that you would ask her on your next date.

One thing I must tell you and I think you already know, “Girls love Attention” whether the boy is friend, boyfriend, lover, husband or the one they are dating with. The questions to ask you girlfriend should not overboard otherwise she will drive away from you. Even if she is now your girlfriend you must make her feel loving and relaxed. She should feel you are still interested in her, your attention is still on her.

At the end of the day you should ask girlfriend about her whole day, her breakfast, lunch and dinner. When you meet adore her not complementing her hot but the beautiful one in your life. Following are the top 20 questions to ask your girlfriend:

1. What is the biggest fear of your life?
2. If you get power to change something from your past what will you change?
3. Which day you like the most in the whole week?
4. Which is the most embarrassing moment yet in your life?
5. Do you remember the day when we first met?
6. What is your star sign and do you believe in astrology?
7. Which place you want to go with me to spend holidays?
8. If you get a chance to make some change in me, what will you change?
9. What do you think how a date can be perfect?
10. Did you ever said I Love You to someone else?
11. What are your goals for a relationship?
12. What was the first impression you took about me?
13. What do you like the most in yourself?
14. Do you like having tattoos on body? If yes then where would you like to have them on your body?
      To heat up the conversation go for a little bit sexiness and believe me, your girlfriend would love when you will talk to herabout her body and adore her.
15. Tell me about the craziest thing you have ever done.
16. Which part of your body you would like to be touched?
17. What place you want to be kissed more by your boyfriend?
18. On which song you want to dance with me?
19. If I ask you to be naughty what will be the first thing you would do to me?
20. What things turns you on make fell sexy?

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