5 Life-Changing Lesson We learn from DR B R AMBEDKAR

Bhavana Sharma, 02/01/2019
5 Life-Changing Lesson We learn from DR B R AMBEDKAR

Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar was the architect of our Indian constitution. He always believed in equality and hard work which he emphatically demonstrated in his entire life. He was the very creative student in his childhood. When he grows up, he becomes an economist, politician and social reformer. He inspired the Dalit Buddhist Movement in the year 1956 and raise his voice against social discrimination of Dalits. Being an inspiring personality, there are few life-changing lessons we learn from Dr B.R. Ambedkar.

Education is the key to success: Ambedkar was a very bright student and did not let anything come in the way of his determination to be well educated. In a society that shamefully denied Dalits or 'untouchables' in the education system, he became the first ever Dalit to finish college. He won a scholarship of Rs 25 for Mumbai University and a state scholarship that enabled him to travel abroad for his further education. He studied at the London School of Economics and at Columbia University in the US emerged with a PhD in Economics. He also served as defence secretary in the state of Baroda. He was one of India’s first Law minister and chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee.

Don’t be daunted: The stranglehold of the pernicious Hindu caste system was even stronger then than now. The young Ambedkar was not allowed to sit in the same classroom and drink water from the same well as his ‘higher born’ peers. He did not allow this discrimination practices to come in the way of his determination to get an education and become a leading figure in the history of this country. In the year 1990, he was posthumously awarded the country’s highest civilian honour, the Bharat Ratna.

Give back to society: Ambedkar used all his education to spearhead the cause of equality, fraternity and liberty. He believed that society will progress only when women are empowered and thus upheld women’s right to higher education and employment. He wrote several books and columns highlighting the fundamental and human rights of all people. To close the gap of inequality inflicted on Dalits for centuries, he canvassed for reservation in education and employment for Dalits and won. 

Confidence: He was always confident in his life. He did many things in his life with confidence and power so he created belief in everyone. In his entire life he faced many situations which are worse to be handled but with the confidence he handled them.

Affirmative action: One should take affirmative action as Babasaheb did in his whole life. He was always neutral regarding the race, creed, colour & religion. Ambedkar repudiated the entire caste hierarchy, dismissing what was a current effort among untouchables to “sanskritize,” that is to adopt upper-class customs in order to raise their status. Gandhi did not believe in the political battles for an untouchables rights or to approve their attempts to enter temples unless the temple authorities agreed. Ambedkar felt that the political power was part of the solution to untouchability. Basically, Gandhi’s faith was in change of heart whereas Ambedkar’s trust was in law, political power, and education.

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