7 Most Common Superstitions In India And Theories Behind Them

7 Most Common Superstitions In India And Theories Behind Them
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Indians are extremely superstitious individuals and now and again they run over the edge with their convictions. In this post, we will take a gander at 7 of the most widely recognized superstitions in India and speculations behind them.

1.If a black cat crosses your path, it causes bad luck

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Because they are  black cats?  Not simply in India but rather this is a prevalent view in the west as well. In India, individuals don't push ahead if a black cats crosses their way. It is trusted that dark feline brings misfortune. The cause of this superstition has originated from the Egyptians who trusted that  black cats were detestable animals and they bring misfortune.

2.Breaking mirror brings bad luck 

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According to the recorded information, mirrors used to be an exorbitant thing in prior circumstances. What's more, stay away from the carelessness, the antiquated individuals from Rome began lecturing that breaking mirrors will bring you 7 years of misfortune.

3.Lemon and 7 Green Chillies

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It is had confidence in India that 'Alakshmi', the goddess of hardship can convey misfortune to the shop proprietors or business. What's more, it is likewise trusted that she prefers hot and impactful things such a large number of shop proprietors and even houses in India hand lemon and 7 green chilies at their entryway with the goal that the goddess eat her most loved sustenance, and favor them.

4.Twitching of the eye is considered inauspicious

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Twitching of the eye is viewed as promising in a few sections however in India, individuals, generally, think of it as unpropitious.

5.Removing evil eye (Nazar Utarna)

It is done to shield the little child from any stink eyes and keep anybody from putting a negative vibe over the child. It is finished by putting a little speck of kohl on brow or behind the ear. It is trusted that the hostile stare can make serious harm whom it turns and putting a dab of kohl will influence youngster to look ugly, and consequently the child will remain shielded from stink eye.

6.Adding one rupee to gift some

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At the point when Indians give cash as endowments on weddings they generally include one rupee. Means, it won't be 100 or 1,000 however 101 or 1,001. It is trusted that on the off chance that we don't include one rupee coin, the total will end in a zero which signifies 'the end'.

7. Indians consider ‘3’ unlucky “‘teen tighada karma bighada”

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According to the phrase, ‘teen tighada kaam bighada’, anything above two gets difficult to handle. And that a discussion is always better between two people rather than three. However, this was misinterpreted as 3 being unlucky

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