A White boy Wore A T-Shirt With The Word "Bhenchod" On It. He Thought It Meant "I Love You"

A White boy Wore A T-Shirt With The Word "Bhenchod" On It. He Thought It Meant "I Love You"
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This is some laughable  story coming to  your direction.A gift from your girlfriend is ever memorable to you, may it be anything a watch, a couple of shoes or a shirt.It is also very usual that you wear that t shirt in party/public. But, it is also very important that you  check the meaning of that article that’s Designed on it.So, a white boy was notice in Las Vegas wearing a t-shirt and ‘Bhen***’ printed on it.Indian people  would be on the floor laughing after seeing what happened with this white boy.
 When he was asked what's the meaning of that  word, he reply it means ‘I Love You.’ It was gifted by his ex girlfriend and he thought it is beautiful gift from her

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