Cambodian woman marries five-month-old calf, believes it

Cambodian woman marries five-month-old calf, believes it's her reincarnated husband - WATCH

A 74-year-old Cambodian woman named Khim Hang recently got married to a calf, who she believes is her husband Tol Khut’s reincarnation.

The woman, who lost her husband last year, was convinced that her husband’s soul came in the form of calf when the animal started licking her hair and neck. Reports claimed that the calf even kissed her.

As per reports, the five-month old calf does everything including going upstairs in the house just like her husband did.

Not only the widow, but her children are also convinced that the calf is their father from his behaviour with relatives and her grandchildren.

It is said that the family tucks the calf in the bed and even sleeps on Tol Khut’s favourite pillow.

Khim Hang has also promised to take care of the calf till she dies and has even asked her children to take care of the animal even after her death.

The news has become viral and people from all over the country have been visiting the house to see how the animal is living with the family.

Video Credit: Vocativ/YouTube
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