First Female Suhana suffer from tree-man syndrome

Admin, 01/02/2017
First Female Suhana suffer from tree-man syndrome

After the "Tree Man" Abul Bajandar of Bangladesh, who made news around the globe, now a tree young lady has been discovered  with a similar infection in the nation. Her name is Sahana (10). 

The tree lady was admitted to Dhaka Medical College's Burn and Plastic Surgery Unit on Sunday. Bark-like warts have developed on various parts of her body including cheek, nose and button. 

Organizer of the Burn and Plastic Surgery Unit, Dr Shamonto Lal Sen stated, "Sahana is infected with an same infection as Abul Bajandar who was named "tree man" as a result of the vast, wood-like warts on his body. She can be cured soon, as she is less infected than Bajandar." 

Sahana's dad Shahjahan Ali is a day work and has a place with Baluchar town of Bangladesh's Netrokona's Kalmakanda Upazila. Sahana is a student of class 3 at Kalmakanda Government Primary school.

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