Have You Received Flowers For Valentine's Day? Here Is How to Make Them Last Longer-

Bhavana Sharma, 03/12/2018
Have You Received Flowers For Valentine
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Flowers are the perfect gift for Valentine's Day, and then make the house more welcoming and fragrant in a natural way. And for some reason we are happier when we admire a bouquet, what reason? In our opinion this is:

If a man finds himself with bread in both hands, he should exchange a loaf with some flowers; because bread nourishes the body, of course, but flowers nourish the soul. -Maometto

Imagine that when you received best rose flowers on Valentine's Day, you touched the sky with a finger, but remember receiving flowers also involves taking care of them.

The more you take care of your fresh flowers and the longer they will last and will continue to bring joy into your home, this is the secret.

So how to take care of the flowers?

Having a green thumb or not, it does not matter in this case, here are our tips from flower experts.

10 Tricks To Make Your Cut Flowers Live Longer-

Ten key words with explanation, are small precautions that will bring great benefits to your deck.

1. Inspection: hopefully you have already put your flowers in a beautiful vase with fresh water. Now check the color of the water, when it becomes dirty change it and also check its level, too much water will drown your deck.

2. Purification: when you change water it is a good habit to wash the pot with soap. Why? Because the bacteria that accumulate in the jar, make your flowers die faster.

3. Nourishment: here are some DIY ideas for long life flowers. Add a teaspoon of sugar to the water of the jar, this will be the food of your flowers and will help them live longer. Add a tablespoon of vinegar, we all know its antibacterial properties. Likewise add a quarter of a teaspoon of bleach per liter of water, it is another grandma's remedy to prevent bacteria and dirty water.

4. Cut: cut off the final part of your stems, about two centimeters, make a sharp diagonal cut.

5. Thinning: also cuts all the leaves in the lower part of the stem, each leaf that is immersed in the water must be removed, before it becomes putrid and "infected" the healthy flowers

6. Location: the environment must be fresh and ventilated, the heat is the number one enemy of fresh flowers.

7. Tanning: yes, not only the position counts, make sure your flower pot is not exposed to direct sunlight. So choose a well-irradiated place, but not too much.

8. Refrigerate: if at night you have space in your fridge, put your beautiful flower pot, a method a bit 'drastic but that works!

9. Purge: remove dead leaves, remove leaves and faded flowers so they will not contaminate your bouquet.

10. Words of love: talking to plants really brings benefits to their growth, this because of the vibrations of the sound of the voice. Even if cut, your flowers can still grow, so express words of love and treat them, they will live longer!

Now you have all the tools to make your flowers last longer. Run to take care of it, there is no time to waste.

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