Highest Paid Indian News Anchors In 2017

Highest Paid Indian News Anchors In 2017

A news anchor plays a very significant role in our lives. We understand the entire bulletin through him and take his words as the utmost reality. Running a news network is the most viable job as there is same matter with everyone. Fortunately, India has some great news anchors that are sensible, smart and knows how to keep their viewers engaged. The top ten highest paid Indian news anchors of 2017 are as followed.

This article was updated in 2017 to include latest listing of Highest Paid Indian News Anchors

Ravish Kumar (net worth: 2.16 crore)

ravish-kumar news anchor

Ravish Kumar is on the position of Executive Senior Editor of NDTV India. He is possibly the finest news anchor of India. He never get too eager, has great information on most of the topic, he is straight forward, cynical, impartial and confident.

Gaurav Kalra (net worth: 1.5 crore)


Gaurav Kalra is most knowledgeable and one of the best sports anchor of India. He operated as Sports Journalist for CNN IBN and is now Senior Editor for the developing video reporting and content making group at ESPN CricInfo.

Shaili Chopra (net worth: 1.5 crore)

shaili-chopra news anchor

She is an Indian corporate broadcaster, author and businessperson. She is the creator of SheThePeople.TV which is a video storytelling podium for women self-starters and GolfingIndian.com, India’s solitary platform devoted to the game of golf.

Arnab Goswami (net worth: 1 crore)


Arnab Goswami is the Editor in Chief and news presenter of the most famous Indian news channel i.e. Times Now. He is renowned for his forthright boldness and courageous attitude when doing interrogations. 

Rajeev Masand (net worth: 1 crore)


Rajeev Masand is an Indian movie criticizer and showbiz newsperson for Noida and CNN-IBN. He generally analyses Hindi language films and chief American films released in India in his weekend show Now Showing.

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