Holi special:How To Take Care Of Your Skin And Hair Post Holi

Vanita Labra, 09/03/2017
Holi special:How To Take Care Of Your Skin And Hair Post Holi

Holi is the festival of colours, so you can't avoid them. Be that as it may, yes do take great care of your skin and hair while you praise the celebration. Before venturing out, cover your body well and apply a thick layer of oil on your body and also hair. 

Post festivities, it's essential to clean all colours from your skin and hair. Do it carefully as it may make them dry and rough. Here, we share a couple tips about how you can deal with skin and hair after the festivals.

* Once you're done playing, remain under running water for 5-10 minutes. Essentially stand, you don't have to forcefully scrub or scratch. 

* Use liquid cleanser, applying it delicately on your body. For extreme colours, choose home remedies for manage it. 

* Home cures like applying lemon squeeze directly on to your skin; curd and sandalwood blend is incredible; and you can also make a turmeric and white flour paste, keep it on for 15-20 mins, and afterward wash it away with non-bubbled milk. This mixture can be applied on all areas with colour subsequent to making it bit wet with plain water. 

* To clean your face, utilize olive oil on cotton to expel the Holi colour 'make-up', yet simply after altogether washing your face with clean water. Once more, settle on home-made scrubs like those utilizing white flour to dispose of the harder colour stains. 

* Make sure to check the nooks and corners of your body to guarantee there is no toxic colour left. In the event that you do discover spots of colour, then utilize the normal ingredients we've said before to get them out. It may take two or three days, but the colour will eventually fade out without harming your skin.

* Avoid utilizing peels or baths salts for 48 hours after playing Holi, since your skin will very sensitive. 

* Do not utilize steam or sauna for the following three days too, since the body can absorb remaining colour on your skin, as the steam opens up your pores. For a similar reason, keep away from any movement that would make you sweat. 

* Going for a skin facial is a smart thought post-Holi, yet choose a medi-facial, which is bleach and steam free and maintains a strategic distance from chemicals, that as well, simply following 48 hours of playing Holi. 

Armed with all this information, you’re bound to have a smashing and safe Holi this year.

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