How To Get A Perfect Hairstyle For Your Face Shape-Karsoo

Bhavana Sharma, 08/10/2018
How To Get A Perfect Hairstyle For Your Face Shape-Karsoo
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Everthought why your chosen hairstyle doesn’t look to great while that of yourfriend gets all the praise from everyone around? Well, probably the simplest ofreasons behind it is that they have got a proper haircut according to theirface shape while your hair is not cut appropriately to suit your face shape. Notgetting this face shape stuff? Well, let’s get into a bit of details.

1. What Face Shape Is Yours?

Yes, itmight be quite surprising to you but it’s a fact that particular men hairstyles suit onlya few specific face shapes. What may suit one face shape may not look too coolon another. So, if you want to come up with a hairdo that suits you better thanany other, you first need to find out what your face shape is and it will helpyou get a perfect style. Here’s how you can find out what face shape youpossess.

·        Grab a mirror, soap and a comb.

·        Pull all your hair backwards using the comband keep it there.

·        Use the soap bar for tracing your head’soutline on the mirror.

·        Now, the drawing that you can see on themirror reflects whether you have a square, round, long, oval or triangle faceshape. 

2. Men’s Face Shapes And Hairstyles-

When youknow exactly what your face shape is, it will help you a lot in achieving aperfect hairstyle for you that will make you look cooler than ever. Even afterknowing your face shape if you are unable to figure out which haircut youshould have then here we have a good bit of information for you to help youunderstand which hairstyle will suit you more than others. Let’s check out.

1.       3. HairstylesOptions For The Square Face Shapes

Highcheekbones and wide jaw represent the square face shapes for men. So, here’show you can use these symmetric features to your benefit:

·        Keep the side burns shorter and make sure thehair remains above your ears.

·        Try to go for relatively short hair but styleit upwards for making your face look elongated.

·        If you’re interested in facial hair, chooselonger beard to strengthen your square jaw.

The squarefaces that are known for their strong jawlines will look great with cleanhairstyles like a classic side part or a messy modern pompadour. You may alsotry a slight variation of these hairstyles but it would be better if you stickto these specifically.

2.      4. HairstylesOptions For The Triangle Face Shape

Trianglefaces are normally defined by thinner temple area or cheekbone which extends towider jawline. Let’s check out how you should style your hair for such facialfeatures.

·          It is a good idea for you to add some volumeand width to top of the head by choosing longer hair so that your jaw can bebalanced out.

·        A well-groomed, thick beard can serve perfectlyto disguise those drastic angles of the jawline.

·        Your forehead will look thicker if you go fora fringe as it reduces impact of your strong chin.

Forstyling your hair for the triangle face shapes, it is a good idea to keep itall longer on the sides while focusing more on creating a bit of volume on top.Curly tops, quiffs, and textured pompadour can all be perfect options for yourface shape.

3.       5- HairstylesOptions For The Round Face Shape

So, whatif you have a rounded face? Well, let’s check out some tips for styling yourhair to perfection for your circular face.

·            Keep it short on the back and the sides willhelp create an illusion of a longer face while rendering you with more chiseledlook.

·        Sweeping the fringe to a side will create aperfect contrast to the wide cheekbones. You can always combine it withwell-trimmed side to give   yourself a more masculine and sharper look overall.

·        You can also spike and style your top hairupwards to draw everyone’s attention to them and it will help elongate theroundish face you have.

Whenstyling your hair for the round face you have, the idea is to give it a betterand more defined jawline which feels a bit longer. This is, obviously, achievedby having some height on top. So, your go-to choice in hairstyles would be sideparts and short hair on sides and the back. Besides, you can also go withpompadours and French crops styled with a messy fringe.

4.      6.  HairstylesOptions For The Oblong Face Shape

It’s amongthose most proportioned shapes that we have around as the jawline, cheekbones,and the chin are all properly balanced. So, what you should do to have aperfect hairstyle then? Here are a few tips to consider.

·        Ensure that you do not go with a hairdo whichmakes the face look a lot longer that what it may actually be.

·        Do not go for long beards because they cancreate an overly-elongated look which you obviously do not want at all.

·        Other than the above two points, you are luckyto go with just about any hairstyle and you will look so pretty in it.

For aperfect look, it would be great to go with a side parted hairstyle that isfurther accentuated by that beautiful stubble.

5.       7. HairstylesOptions For The Oval Face Shape

When yourface shape is oval, you already have a longer face as compared to yourcheekbones’ width while the forehead is also wider than the jawline. So, howwould you style your hair then? Let’s take a look:

·        Don’t opt for the fringes because they willmake the face seem a bit roundish.

·        Have some volume on top because it will behelpful in elongating the features of your face.

Theshorter hairstyles tend to be perfect for egg-shaped or oval face shapesbecause they allow you to compensate for the rounder features through aperfectly-angled side part.

So, that’show men’s hair can be styled and perfected according to the face shape inquestion. The options are endless and you just have to make sure that you gowith an appropriate one for the face shape you have. Have fun styling your hairto perfection and looking the best version of yourself.

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