IKEA Hyderabad Store Suspends Sale Of Veg Biryani, Samosa

Sandeep Kumar, 06/09/2018

HYDERABAD: IKEA India on Wednesday said it has quit offering vegetable biryani and samosa in its 1,000 seater eatery situated at its store in Hyderabad, days after a client professedly found a worm in the nourishment served to him. 

In a shame for the as of late opened IKEA store, a man purportedly found the worm in the vegetable biryani served to him, inciting the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) to issue a notice to the firm on August 31. 

"IKEA India has intentionally ceased offers of two of its most refreshing items - vegan biryani and samosa, sourced locally in India. IKEA takes after solid inward procedures to anchor quality and assumes full liability for its store network. IKEA India has started an inside audit keeping in mind the end goal to accept any restorative activities as required," the organization said in an announcement. 

The Swedish furniture producer said it considers sustenance security and quality important and client wellbeing is dependably a need. 

IKEA Hyderabad Store Suspends Sale Of Veg Biryani, Samosa
Amid the main month of task, IKEA India has gotten an extremely positive reaction from clients for the nourishment at the IKEA store, it said. 

IKEA Hyderabad Store: In an embarrassment for the recently opened IKEA store, a man allegedly found the worm in the vegetable biryani served to him
IKEA India will continue offers of the two items after it has anchored the audit procedure, the organization said.

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