In Rajasthan woman clad in saree driving a bus goes viral

Vanita Labra, 06/03/2018
In Rajasthan woman clad in saree  driving a bus goes viral

Ever since Aamir Khan has said, 'Are our girls less than boys?' Since then, Mummy did not doubt the power of any lady. He never did that but put the name of Amir to bring weight in the matter. But there was a video in which a woman is running a bus. He also wore a veil of wearing a fine sari, and the veil. Full Rajasthani Banana was held. Just goes to bedrar from Makrana. In between, Kuchaman, Deedwana, Ladon, Sujangarh falls. The bus reached its peak, here on the video on social media. A mobile striker had recorded the video, then it became viral.

We got the number of driver Sahiba, who runs the bus in the sari. Talk to them. Then our mouth was open to open, cut it and not snatched, snakes were sniffed. He was not just running but he was driving. We will not write his name because he has requested. Brother will give the impression of the name, then people will ask bother asking them. We asked that he did this mess with nature? What were the confused masculine people?

So the driver Saheb said, Holi's fun is the fun of Bhaiya Holi. Everyone has something different in it, so do we too. Wearing saris reached the bus stand and hanked the car. Now take fun Now, in the Holi, the driver is very happy to see you. But some other people have also enjoyed it. His photos came from all over the country Someone was jumping into a groove Someone was swinging on a tree There was no road lying on the road. Thandaii showed the impression that people themselves forgot. Someone said that Holi is the festival of youth. That is, 103 years old old man in Holi also becomes young But if someone comes to rob on the joy of Holi then nothing can happen.

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