Instagram highest-earners of 2018 revealed!

Vanita Labra, 31/07/2018
Instagram highest-earners of 2018 revealed!
Reality television star and mother of one, Jenner knocked 2017 winner Selena Gomez into second place with 111 million Instagram followers. The  price of a post for her is $1,000,000 (Rs 68,700,500). She is allegedly on track to turning into the most youthful ever independent very rich person.
A year ago's driving woman Selena Gomez has settled down with the second position. The sticker price of a solitary post is 800,000 US dollars (Rs 5,51,64,000) with 138 devotees.
Kylie's relative Kim, 38, trailed behind in fourth place yet it doesn't resembles she's grumbling as the mum-of-three can possibly round up USD 720,000 (Rs 4,94,60,400) with every upload.
Bey bot bank! The singer is so gifted and well known that even her social media posts cost more than a few people will find in a lifetime. She stowed the fifth position on the rundown with a sticker price $700,000 (Rs4,80,90,350) and has 115 million supporters.
David Beckham is twelfth on the rundown and the principal UK section procuring an expected $300,000 per supported post.

Here’s the top 20 highest earners on Instagram:

1.Kylie Jenner - $1,000,000 (per post)

2.Selena Gomez - $800,000

3.Cristiano Ronaldo - $750,000

4.Kim Kardashian - $720,000

5.Beyonce Knowles - $700,000

6.Dwayne Johnson - $650,000

7.Justin Bieber - $630,000

8.Neymar da Silva Santos Junior - $600,000

9.Lionel Messi - $500,000

10.Kendall Jenner - $480,000

11.Khloe Kardashian - $480,000

12.David Beckham - $300,000

13.Gareth Bale - $185,000

14.Zlatan Ibrahimovic - $175,000

15.Luis Suarez - $150,000

16.Conor Mcgregor - $125,000

17.Virat Kohli - $120,000

18.Stephen Curry - $110,000

19.Floyd Mayweather - $107,000

20.Huda Kattan - $33,000

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The Instagram rich list 2018 is out and it boasts of celebrities from the entertainment world find out which cricketer on 17th position  including Kylie Jenner, Beyoncé, and more. Here we take a look at the .

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