Stool or blood samples can tell whether you can lose weight

Deepak, 19/09/2017
Stool or blood samples can tell whether you can lose weight

Weight loss of a person in certain condition may be determined by the gut bacteria according to a study published in International Journal of Obesity.

Around 54 people with heavyweight were assigned for the study conducted by the University of Copenhagen.

They were given two different diets for 26 weeks.

As per the study, one of the two diets was more effective than the other.

It was observed that the bacteria - Prevotella and Bacteroides - played an important role in a participant's digestive system in determining how much weight that person can lose.

Participant's with higher ratio of Prevotella had lost more body fat compared to those with an equal amount of both the bacteria.

On the other hand, people with the low ratio of Prevotella didn't lose any more weight on the better diet.

As per Medical News Today report, around half of the population have a high ratio of Prevotella.

This is the reason why a particular diet will only be effective to a definite amount of people.

First study author Professor Mads Fiil Hjorth was quoted as saying by The Independent, " The study shows that only about half of the population will lose weight if they eat in accordance with the Danish national dietary recommendations and eat more fruit, vegetables, fibres, and whole grains. The other half of the population doesn't seem to gain any benefit in weight from this change of diet."

His team recommended dieters to find a bespoke diet which fits their body.

It can be found through stool or blood samples if a person's gut bacteria is the right kind for a certain diet.

Diet should be changed according to the gut bacteria imbalances so that the level of both Prevotella or Bacteroides can be balanced.

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