Why Great Logo Is Important For The First Impression In Business

Bhavana Sharma, 24/10/2018
Why Great Logo Is Important For The First Impression In Business

Logo, along with the name, is the most essential element of any company that represents the brand in the market. Try to recall an incidence when you visited a company. What was the thing that you first noticed? Naturally, the first person whom you interacted with would be the receptionist. What impression did she leave on you — professional or disorganized? You must have made some assumptions about the company based on the first impression. In the same way, a logo of any company creates the first impression among the target audience.  

Most entrepreneurs invest significant time in thinking about the name of the company that is out of the box. Creating an identity that is both simple and unique can be one of the biggest challenges companies face today. The main objective of branding is to gain recognition and of course increase sales. No matter what your business is, your first focus should be on creating an excellent visual identity, i.e. a logo.

A logo is the company's first introduction to consumers. It not only plays a pivotal role in the customers buying decision but also helps in drawing the attention of the onlookers and persuading them to give it a try.

Here’s why a great logo is essential for the first impression in business:

  1. Brand Recognition: Every business wants its audience to know its objectives, products, and services.  And, the logo is perhaps the best thing through which one can achieve this goal. What does first come in your mind when you think of any brand — the logo, right? It is one of the essential elements in building the brand identity. It clearly defines what the company is all about and what are the products or services it offers.

  2. Differentiate yourself from competitors: In today’s competitive world, where everyday consumers are being bombarded with plenty of new products and services, it has become difficult for them to remember all of them. This is where a logo plays an important role. A well-designed logo helps customers to recognize brands easily. For instance, most businesses use a dog image in their logos in the pet industry. This might make little difficult for a customer to recall their brands in need. If your logo is designed using some unique elements and impressive images, this will not only help your customer to differentiate your brand from your competitors but also leaves a lasting impression.

  1. Consumer loyalty: Consumers are loyal to good brands. For example, Apple lovers never think of buying any products other than Apple. Through great logos, companies target their customers for other marketing efforts. We know that BMW is a luxury car manufacturer, but its loyal customers still wear its apparels proudly to show loyalty for the brand.

  2. Evoke Emotional Responses: The colors and images used in the logo develop an emotional attachment with the brand or product. A company selling expensive clothes or watches might use black color to represent power and sophistication. If the product is something related to the innovation or finance, the company might use blue color. So the main point is that various elements such as font style, color, size in the logo play a vital role in building an emotional connection with the customers.

Can be everywhere: The best part of a logo is that it can be used everywhere. You can place it on your website, brochures, billboards, business cards, stores and so on. Putting logos at all the possible places not only helps you building brand identity but also attract more customers to your business.


Logos acts as a significant tool when it comes to promoting the products or services. It gives a visual identity to the company. It is perhaps the first thing in any product or service that people notice and make an opinion about the brand. So don't let any stone unturned while creating the logo for your business.

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