Why Star and Moon Necklaces Make Great Birthday Gifts

Bhavana Sharma, 04/12/2018
Why Star and Moon Necklaces Make Great Birthday Gifts
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When the solar eclipse took the heavenly stage last month, the beauty of the cosmos gained prominence once again. The stars and the moon can appear before us every day, but when viewed from a new point of view, like the eclipse, these natural wonders really show their beauty. Fashion is often drawn from nature, and accessories inspired by the cosmos, such as star and polka dot necklaces, are now experiencing a meteoric rise in popularity.

The 70s embraced accessories inspired by nature, and today many of those vintage pieces with stars, Owl pendant necklace and beaded designs are highly coveted. But the most modern pieces introduce the beauty of the skies to a new audience. The necklaces of stars and the moon, the pendants with fringes and the celestial accessories are appearing in an unexpected way. At New York Fashion Week, designer Jenny Rackham presented a pendant necklace with a star. Even the handbags are adopting a heavenly style: the crescent and golden moon peeks over the top of a clutch designed by Benedetti Bruzziches.

If you are feeling the gravitational pull of the moon in your inspiration style, complement it with a moon and star necklace that also has a personal meaning. Each Moon glow pendant can be designed to present any moon phase that speaks to you. And, yes, the necklace can be worn by men and women ... so it's a great gift. Do you need more inspiration to shoot the moon? Consider all the reasons why you should give a moon and star necklace for a loved one's birthday ... or buy one for you.

The symbolic meaning of stars and moons:

Stars are symbolic in many religions and cultures and each lunar phase has a special meaning in our own lives. The biggest star, the sun, was often worshiped. The sun is essential for the light and heat that give life. But the attraction of the moon also affects our lives. In command of the tides, the moon plays its own unique role on Earth. Of course, the moon can also symbolize immortality.

Necklaces combine well with different styles:

The necklaces of stars and the moon are not just for casual styles. Add the pendant over a small black dress or combine it with a wedding dress. The versatility of the jewelry allows it to shine with elegant formal clothes, informal boho styles or even an LBD.

Bold Pendants Layer Perfectly:

Mix and match the necklace with diamonds, a pearl necklace or other unique accessories. If you give the necklace as a gift, your loved one can combine it with any accessory to create a unique look.

The lunar phases are personal but subtle:

The necklaces of stars and the moon are a personalized gift, but the symbol of the moon is not too sentimental. If you are in a new relationship, this is a gift that has a reflective meaning but is not misinterpreted as a piece of the next step.

Anyone can use a star and moon necklace!

This is a universal necklace, literally. The collars of stars and moons have no gender. The pendants, like the cosmos, are neither feminine nor masculine. They are universally flattering.

Whether you want a star and moon necklace as a birthday present or if you just want to choose something special for a loved one's birthday, this personalized pendant is a perfect gift. The celestial bodies are in vogue and are classic symbols. This is an accessory that can be used for years and continues to be a surprising statement. Shoot the moon and give a gift that is out of this world!


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