Celebrities and the Brands they Endorsements

 Celebrities and the Brands they Endorsements

Famous people have a staggering effect on a typical man's life. Maybe, this is one of the motivation behind why's the image publicists bank upon the stars for their supports. The charm business is significantly in view of exposure and nearness. What is outside of anyone's ability to see, leaves psyche of the crowd. In this way, notwithstanding when the celebs don't have any film discharges, despite everything they have to make their essence felt and keep up their fame. What's more, turning into a brand envoy is a standout amongst the most impactful approaches to develop one's celeb remainder! In spite of the fact that the estimation of each star relies on the achievement of their movies, Bollywood celebs mint a great deal of cash through brand supports. Can't trust this? Observe these main 10 VIPs and what they underwrite at cosmic aggregates.

1. Kareena Kapoor Khan

Kareena Kapoor Khan Image

Despite the fact that the Royal Begum is by all accounts out of work nowadays, she is doing significantly well in supports. Kareena has right around 18 marks on her rundown and is very prominent as a brand envoy.

Brands Endorsed - Sony, Head & Shoulders, Boroplus, Lux, Vivel Soap, Colgate, Lakme, Philips Hair Styler, Berger Paints, Limca, TETLEY’s Green Tea etc.

Endorsement Fees - 3 to 4 crores for every endorsement

2. Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif Image

With 20 supports in a single year, Katrina Kaif is a significant famous face on the little screen! She is thought to be a standout amongst the most bankable stars in Bollywood and was additionally reported as the "Brand Endorser of the Year"

Brands Endorsed - Lux, Berger Paints, Slice, Panasonic, Veet, Sony Xperia, Titan Raga, Choc On, L’Oreal, LG, Olay, Nakshatra Diamond Jewellery, Pantene etc.

Endorsement Fees - 5 to 6 crores per day.

3. Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone Image

The glitz divas are no less with regards to their image esteem. Inferable from the surprising achievement of her movies, Deepika Padukone has turned into the most generously compensated performers of Bollywood. This fine woman has abandoned every one of her counterparts in mark supports and is genuinely at the best.

Brands Endorsed - Coca Cola, Axis Bank, Kellogg’s, Garnier, Vogue, Tissot, Van Heusen, Lifestyle Melange, Parachute, HP, Nescafe, Lux etc.

Endorsement Fee - 7.5 crores for every endorsement.

4. Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor Image

Notwithstanding being the most youthful among the famous brand envoys, Ranbir Kapoor has stunningly assumed control over the ad business. With his hip urban identity and a cool state of mind, he has turned into the new face of the more youthful age in India.

Brands Endorsed - Pepsi, John Players, Panasonic, Nissan, Lenovo, Docomo, Hero Moto Corp, Franco Leone, Saavan etc.

Endorsement Fees - 3 crores a day.

5. Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar Image

Khiladi Kumar is at an equivalent pace for marking advertisements and is said to underwrite 13 marks right now. His sudden climb in support charges was much in news a year ago. Akshay trusts that it is a give-and-take relationship and there shouldn't be any inquiries concerning the expense charged.

Brands Endorsed - Relaxo, Dollar Club, Micromax Mobile, Eveready, Manapuran Gold Load, Honda India, Sugar Free, Rasna etc.

Endorsement Fees - 8 to 10 crores per year.

6. Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan Image

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan is a standout amongst the most respected on-screen characters of Bollywood. He is cherished for his style and baritone voice and is very prevalent among the gathering of people. It is said that the promoters line up to rope him in as their image represetative.

Brands Endorsed - Parker Pens, Dabur, Dairy Milk, Boroplus, ICICI, Kalyan Jewellers, Gujarat Tourism, Navratna Oil, Maggi etc.

Endorsement Fees - 2.5 crores a day.

7. Salman Khan

Salman Khan Image

Salman is no not as much as a brand regarding his prevalence and loftiness! He began advancing brands even before ascending to fame in Bollywood. This dynamic star has an extensive rundown of supports and is very sought after for TV ads.

Brands Endorsed- Thums Up, Revital, Wheel, Suzuki Motorcycles, Yatra.com, Dixcy Scott, Splash, Relaxo etc.

Endorsement Fee- 3.5 to 5 crores a day.

8. Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan Image

Shah Rukh Khan is maybe the most obvious performer on TV! He has the greatest number of brand supports on his rundown and is a standout amongst the most famous big names for advancements. Shah Rukh views himself as a greater brand than those he embraces and in this way, he feels that his affiliation will demonstrate helpful to the promoters.

Brands Endorsed- Tag Heuer, Airtel, Videocon, Emami, Hyundai, Pepsodent, Dish TV etc

Endorsement Fee- 3.5 to 4 crores a day.

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