Priyank Sharma has nicknamed his former best friend Vikas Gupta a "vagina" Bigg Boss 11

 Priyank Sharma  has nicknamed his former best friend Vikas Gupta a "vagina"  Bigg Boss 11

Bigg Boss 11 contender Priyank Sharma called Vikas Gupta a vagina in a disagreeable session with Luv Tyagi and Hina Khan. Watchers and fans are offended at Priyank's remarks about Vikas. Honestly, it was nauseating. Priyank simply stooped to unheard of level of appalling after body-disgracing and whistling. The Priyank we saw and cherished before his reentry in the house was so much better. The contender has definitely no respects for anybody's sentiments or companionship. He effectively cut all ties with Vikas once and afterward got to know him again following a Weekend Ka Vaar scene. On the off chance that this is the way he is as a companion, at that point Hina and Luv should be concerned. 

Fans are stunned at this concealed video that was imparted to us by a peruser. Indecent, appalling, these are the sort of words being utilized for the candidate and he merits it, as well. In any case, we were astounded and happy that Hina requesting that he quit babbling and utilized the word vulture rather for Vikas. Despite the fact that she didn't allude to him as a vulture for the correct reasons, she at any rate chose to play it clean for a change. Luv was likewise concurring with Priyank and giggling with him.

Here’s what Twitter has to say.

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