Shameful video of female teacher has seen more than 9 lakh people


From childhood, we told one thing or it is said that school is our second home. We also go to school for thinking and thinking of making the future beautiful. Where we study everything for us, teachers and teachers who teach us are not less than God, but if you think that our God will go wrong with us then what will happen to our future? One such shameful issue related to ours has brought us here today.

Shameful video of female teacher has seen more than 9 lakh people
Actually, a video of the State Secondary School, Narva Jodhpur, is being viral on social media for the past two days. In this video, you will also see a female teacher and school principal. It is being told that these women's teachers used to come late to school. In such a situation, the school principal, troubled by this move, decided on one day that this teacher should be made to realize his mistake and because of this, he made this video.
This thing is also catching up so much because as per the reports, the level of education in Rajasthan is declining. Wherever the government and education officers can not do anything against them, on the other hand, some people are not affected. In such a situation, such kind of wrongdoings should be stopped at school, otherwise the future of the children will not be disturbed.

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