10 Exclusive Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Rings

Bhavana Sharma, 29/11/2018
10 Exclusive Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Rings

More than any other jewel, the covenant is the verysymbol of eternal passion and the promise of a life together. Classic ororiginal, smooth or brushed, it can be difficult for each groom to find theillustrious ring. Uses its expertise in jewelry to deliver you 10 preciousadvices and to accompany you in this moving step which is the choice of youralliances! 

1. Think aboutduration and quality: favor forged alliances especially for you

The wedding rings are the eternal bond of your love, sothey should be designed to last! Do not compromise on quality! Instead ofopting for a ring already in stock, have your ring forged specifically for youat your finger size.

Why? Because the mastery of the fabrication technique of the forged makes it possible to increase the density and the resistance of the alliances. Foundry, finishing, shaping, from design to design, each piece of jewelry is the object of particular care and reflects traditional craftsmanship. A guarantee of undeniable quality!

2. Order your wedding Rings on Time

 The custom-made manufacture of a forged alliance takes about 3 to 5 weeks.

 We recommend that you choose them no later than one month before your weddingchoose from https://www.midwestjewellery.com/. Of course you can buy them upstream so you do not get overwhelmed by all the preparations at the same time! 3 or 4 months before your wedding is a reasonable time.

Think about how you will keep your wedding rings before your wedding: entrusted to your witnesses, to your relatives, or to your home? Protect them carefully!

3. Choose thefitting in the Shop

The shop is a place thought to help you find the perfectjewel, enjoy personalized advice and try your favorites. Nothing like trying tobe certain to find the alliances that are like you ... The intimate and warmsetting will make fitting a unique moment between future spouses!


4. Bring your Engagement Ring for your wedding Ring fitting

If you do not have to match alliance and engagement ring(the juxtaposition of two colors of gold can be very successful), the mainthing is to find a beautiful harmony between these two rings of love and to bemade pleasure! Whether you choose to wear them on the same hand or not, it'sbest to try them together to realize the effect and find the best combinationpossible.

5. Think aboutyour style as well as your Lifestyle in choosing your Model

With or without a diamond? Assorted between the spouses?White, yellow, pink or platinum gold? The most important thing is to listen toyour heart and choose an alliance that suits you and fits you perfectly. Weonly get married once after all and it's a ring that you will wear all yourlife! And remember, the "good" width is often tied to a goodproportion between the size of your hands and the width of your wedding ring .For the strongest or longest hands prefer a rather broad alliance, for thehands thinnest or short prefer a rather fine alliance.

But above all, keep looking long term and think about your lifestyle! You work with your hands? Outdoors? Favor an all-gold wedding ring, of medium width rather than a ring too fine or set with diamonds.

6. Take intoaccount the weather when you take your finger size

Good to know: the heat makes your fingers swell and you canhave up to three sizes of difference between winter and summer! Think about itthe moment you try your wedding rings!

The right size does not hold your finger but passes with difficulty the joint of the phalanx.

7. Are you hesitating on a golden color? Take into account your skin Tone and your Tanning Habits

Yellow gold is the color that offers the most beautiful contrast with the dullest skins , while the pink gold is very clear on the fair skins . White gold (or platinum) is the most versatile color, it adapts well to all skin types.

Think about it if you try your tanned alliances when you come back from vacation! Try to imagine rendering your skin lighter the rest of the year to be sure to make the right choice. 

8. Prefer whitepalladium gold to rhodium white Gold

Prefer palladium white gold for a color that stays intime! Gold is naturally yellow. Rhodium white gold owes its white color to a surface treatment, rhodium-based, which fades over time and must be renewed every year to regain its luster. Palladium white gold, on the other hand, is naturally white because of its alloy. Nicknamed "intense white gold", its color does not change over time!

9. Think aboutcustomizing your Alliance

Beyond the choice of the model, its width and its goldencolor, you can further customize your alliance by the choice of its finish andits engraving. OR OF THE WORLD wedding rings can benefit from differentfinishes, either polished or brushed. A polished alliance offers a brilliantappearance while the brushed affect the ring.

The engraving is symbolic and makes unique the alliances. Take the time to think about it: it is possible to engrave the respective names as well as the date of marriage or a sweet personalized message. Given free rein to your imagination! 

10. Choose anexisting resource by choosing a recycled gold Alliance!

Absolute symbols of eternal love and commitment, marriagealliances must not be tainted by the irresponsible practices of the goldindustry.

In fact, the extraction of gold requires the use of large quantities of water , mercury , cyanide and generates enormous volumes of mining waste ... Now, there is enough gold already extracted on the surface of the planet. To meet the needs of the jewelry industry for the next 50 years.

GOLD OF THE WORLD is the first GREEN JEWELRY to certify the ethical origin of its diamonds and to recycle the gold of its creations for an environmental impact 0! Want to know more about gold mining and its consequences on the planet? Discover our article "Gold mining: an overview of irresponsible gold mining"!  






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