10 questions will stand for Sridevi Death Mystery

Vanita Labra, 27/02/2018
10 questions will stand for Sridevi Death Mystery

How did the actress drown in bathtub? Dubai Police investigating further The death of Sridevi's passing in Dubai's Hotel Jumeirah Emirate Towers is extending. The media is making new exposures identified with their passing each hour. The thing began from Cardiac Arist and came to suffocate in the bath and bath. As indicated by the announcement of the Dubai Police, "Sridevi had flushed liquor and uncontrolled in the lavatory and fell into the bath and where he kicked the bucket.Sridevi death mystery: 

1.Amitabh Bachchan ji theory of 6th sense.Did he had some hint 2/3 days in advance?

2. 3 floors below where #Sridevi was staying in Dubai, a big HAWALA operator was stayingWhat is means? A full investigation?Bonni Kapoor must know what is drink? Why he silent?

3.We use bathtub at home or hotels but it is only filled when We plan to sit into it. How come sridevi hotel room Bathtub was filled? It takes time to fill bathtub Hence the theory that she was drunk and drowned in Bathtub is rubbish from my experience

4.First, it was cardiac arrest, then drowning, now autopsy report says drowning bcoz of intoxicationWhereas Amar Singh who is quite close to #Sridevi says she doesn't drink hard liquor Was Alcohol given before death to manipulate autopsy report? or after death?

5.How deep is a bathtub? The most luxurious one is not more than 2 Ft. Can anyone drown in that bathtub unless pushed in or want to commit suicide?

If she was unconscious then how come she filled the bathtub. Looking at last video, she doesn't seem 2B drunk and my experience in marriages right from village to high class, We had never seen people drinking AFTER EVENT

7.If she was ok and went to bath, was her bathroom locked? NO? A person doesn't lock bathroom in 2 scenarios
1 When alone in room and the main door locked
2 When spouse in room
3 Some outsider has master key Any forced entry reported?
Guess NO

8.She was made to drink (no sign of force on body) then unconscious #sridevi put in bathtub, pushed to die. Entry in room via master key like sunanda but her killer learned lesson from Sunanda to not leave any marks.Water washed off any finger print.

9.Bonny kapoor say he returned on 24th & surprised #sridevi from hotel lobby and asked her to get ready for a dinner date Question: In such event does anyone take bath in Bathtub? I am sure her luxury room has both Bathtub and shower. This also indicate she was alone in room.

10.Question for Bony Kapoor

Why he left for India on 21st and returned on 24th. REASON
Why He left if sridevi was not well?
When sridevi called Bonny, Was his phone out of network, switch off or not picked?
PPL like her don't travel alone, Where was her attendant?


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