5 Stages You Go Through While Planning A Vacation

Deepak, 27/03/2017

When you are planning a vacation, you probably go through a mixed bag of emotions ranging from excitement to nervousness to panic! And if someone is closely monitoring you during that time, they may label you ‘crazy’. But fear not, it’s legit and happens with most people, except, most times, it goes unacknowledged.

So here I am, putting it down for you, the 5 stages a person goes through while planning a vacation:

5 Stages You Go Through While Planning A Vacation
The first and the most energizing step of planning a vacation The Destination! Looking through the web gets a  whole new meaning when you approach finding the ideal spot to spend your next holiday.

Pro Tip: Take the world map / map of India and a dart! Blindfold and throw the dart. You have your destination in a matter of minutes
Yes, the feared part! Which places to explore? Which ones to forget? What to eat? Where to stay? The list of inquiries  continues forever. Furthermore, why not?You’re venturing into uncharted territory, you’re bound to be restless.

Here is another classic- The Packing Panic. You never know what you may need when travelling! Sure, but be sensible and stick to essentials. A step by step plan to
help you.
  • Identify the climatic conditions of the place and keep clothes accordingly
  • Make a list in advance, and add to it as things strike you
  • Buy small-size toiletries
  • Fold clothes neatly or roll them to get maximum space

Pro Tip- Travel Light!

Once all of the above is done, it is the anticipation of the successful execution of your tripping plans that will kill you. Especially if you are the key planning member of the trip.

Pro Tip: Nothing you can do, except pray all goes well! Just kidding! Relax – and all will work out just fine.
This is not necessarily a part of the planning bit, but the end result is also very important! And if you go by what we’ve told you, your trip is going to be a surefire success!

Pro Tip: This is the right to start planning your next vacation!

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