9 Signs That Your Drugs/Drinking Is Out Of Control

Deepak, 29/08/2017

On the off chance that you are between the ages of 16 and 25, this present one's for you. A great many people that progress toward becoming addicts and heavy drinkers didn't simply get up one morning like that. Chemical dependency occurs over time, though for some people it happens faster than other.

Because your bodies haven’t fully finished growing yet, alcohol and drugs do more long-term damage down the road.   

Increased risks from excessive drinking include…

*Throat and mouth cancer

*Mental health problems, including depression and suicide

*Liver cirrhosis and heart disease

The first stage of addiction is the Experimental, or Social Level. There generally isn’t a problem yet. At the Abuse Stage however, red flags may start to pop up. Have you noticed any?

9 Signs That Your Drugs/Drinking Is Out Of Control
You used to be such a good student, what happened?
If you are high more than you are sober, you really don’t know which way to act.
It feels like you just aren’t yourself anymore, you might say or do things that you never would have before you started using.
You know that you shouldn’t lie, but you find it happens more frequently. You’re getting better at it.
Last year you didn’t have anything in common with each other, now you do. Birds of a feather will flock together.
All of the things that you used to care about, don’t matter anymore. Other things preoccupy your thoughts.
Showers don’t seem as important as they used to be either. Thank for patchouli oil right?
The family sees that something is going on and becomes worried. The user feels threatened and defensive, and arguments are more and more frequent.

You start looking at the clock and thinking about how long it will be until you can drink or drug again. Events have to be adjusted so they can include using. You can’t stop thinking about that next buzz.

If you have noticed any of these behaviors personally, then a serious problem could be waiting to develop. The next stage after this is Full-blown Addiction. When you use just because you have to, so you don’t get sick. You will eventually lose everything that you used to care about, and life will end as you know it.

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