Did You Know The Nicknames Of These Indian Cricketers?

Did You Know The Nicknames Of These Indian Cricketers?

The same goes for the Indian cricket group. The Men in Blue travel together throughout the entire year, holding on and off the field. So it's normal that they have epithets for each other as well. Some given by fans, some by partners and some just conveyed forward from their adolescence. 

Here are the nicknames of some of our Men dressed in Blue and the purposes for how they got them:

1. It was Kohli’s Delhi state coach Ajit Chaudhary who gave him this name Chiku.


2. A naturally aggressive player, he often helped India in difficult situations by taking the attack to the opposition. That is when he was named as The Haryana Hurricane.


3. While playing Ranji trophy matches, the other player wouldn’t cheer up teammates due to tiredness. So he used the Sholay movie dialogue of Gabbar “Suar k baccho” etc.

And teammates gave him the title of GABBAR.


4. The incident is quite funny. Somebody played with his Wikipedia account and referred him as a philanthropist and a Nobel prize winner. Then he was trolled all over social media and that’s how he was referred as Sir Ravindra Jadeja.


5. He earned it after scoring 494 in 4 tests against Australia in Jan 2004 and saved India from losing the series.


6. Suresh Raina is also known as Chhota Sachin because of his attacking batting style.


7. His ability to make the ball bounce with subtle variations in pace made him a tough bowler to face for the batsmen; thus earning him the sobriquet “Jumbo”.


8. He earned this unfortunate nickname after getting 7 ducks consecutively against Australia.


9. He was named Tiger because of his charismatic & dynamic personality. Even now, Pataudi remains one of the most colourful cricketers of Indian cricket.


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