He had nothing when they started dating, today he makes over 3.5 crore per day!

Deepak, 15/06/2017
He had nothing when they started dating, today he makes over 3.5 crore per day!

Google CEO Sundar Pichai is well known the whole way across the world for his success. He has had quite a journey. From living in a two room condo in Chennai to now being a standout amongst the most known faces on the world, Sundar Pichai is a true example of rags to riches. By now, very newspaper and news website has covered his story of success. But what not many know is his incredibly sweet love story.  Let us talk about one of the world’s most successful men and his wife’s love story

Sundar Pichai’s love story is so heart warming that it will touch your heart. So Sundar Pichai fell in love with his wife Anjali back in college. At that time, Sundar had really nothing. He lived in a pretty small flat with no TV or cars. And hence Sundar Pichai always valued the little things of life. This obviously had a positive affect on his personal life as well. Sundar and Anjali started dating when they were studying in IIT Kharagpur. In the final year of their engineering, Sundar asked Anjali for marriage and she without a doubt said yes. The best part about this was Anjali knew everything about Sundar and where he comes from and she still went ahead with her relationship. In an age where money matters so much in a relationship, this is truly inspirational.

The only difficulty they ever had was to get to talk to each other since there were no smartphones back then. In an interview to a news agency, Sundar said that he had to ask a girl to go to the girl’s hostel and request her to call Anjali. And the girls would usually shout out loud that Sundar is here to meet Anjali which back then was really embarrassing. Their cute love meetings and talks went on for a while

After they finished college, Sundar left for the USA to get his Masters degree and Anjali stayed back. Now because Sundar was not financially sound back then, they could not afford to talk to each other often. The two would go without talking for 6 long months. And did it change anything? No! In fact, for them the distance just brought them closer. So cute, right? The long distance went on for sometime and soon Anjali joined him in the USA. Sundar had already got a job and was paid decently. That is when he thought that it was time to marry Anjali since he had a secure job.

Sundar being the gentleman that he is, asked her parents if he could marry their daughter Anjali. Soon they tied the knot and started living together in the USA.  When Sundar was working for Google, he had got some really interesting offers from Microsoft, Yahoo and Twitter. While he considered these offers, it was Anjali who told him not to take them up and continue with Google. Now it is for all of you to see where he stands today. It would only be fair to call Anjali his lucky charm.

Today, they both live in the USA in a beautifully designed home and are proud parents to a girl and a boy named Kavya and Kiran. Isn’t this a simple yet incredible fairy tale? A love story so pure and innocent! A woman who did everything possible just to stand by her love through everything. It is true when they say, ‘ Behind every successful man, there is a woman.’

Source - http://www.india.com

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