Holi 2017: Hair and Skin Care Precautions to Take Before Holi

Vanita Labra, 09/03/2017
Holi 2017: Hair and Skin Care Precautions to Take Before Holi

Holi is the festival of colours, water balloons, gujiyas, bhang, and opportunity for pure colour appreciated by Indians, as well as, now, by peoples over the world. Be that as it may, as cheerful as the enjoyment of playing with colours is, there is the risk of having low grade colours being put on you that may prompt to itching and rashes, and even series damage. 

Generally, Holi colours were produced using normal ingredients like blossoms and herbs, yet that has changed definitely throughout the decades, with many people preferring more "pakka" or permanent colours. (By what other means would you clarify your associates' pink and blue faces the following day at work). However, organic natural colours have made a comeback, it is always a smart idea t to avoid any risk and it safe, without compromising on the fun.

So, to make sure you have loads of fun this Holi, but don’t rue it later, here are some tips to keep in mind before the colour games begin.

* Dry skin allows the chemicals introduce in Holi colours to enter effortlessly, so always oil the entire body. Ideally with coconut oil, olive oil, or vitamin E oil. For your hair, you can utilize mustard oil in abundant sums, at least an hour prior to you begin to play. What's more, recollect to tie it up, in the event that you have long hair.

* Take care to oil zones behind your ears, between your fingertips and even close to your fingernails. 

* One way to potect your fingernails from absorbing all that Holi shading is by painting it with the darkest shading conceivable so that the Holi colour can't go inside the nail bed.

*Opt for a couple of old shades while playing Holi with the goal that you can ensure your eyes. Along these lines, you look fashionable as well as ! On the off chance that you don't own a pair of disposable ones, you can purchase a inexpensive pair only for the event. Confide in me, it will be cash well spent. 

* Also should colours enter your eyes any way, wash your them clean with cold water; and see an eye specialist if the irritation perseveres following couple of hours of playing Holi. 

* It is hard to make out contrasts between a natural colour and a dye. Attempt to utilize just home grown colours or home-made colours from kitchen or garden like tesu blossoms, genda blooms to beetroot juice, possibly, and you can even demand your visitors to stick to a similar approach. 

* Don't play or be in wet garments longer than 2 hours. Attempt and restrict your play to dry Holi, yet even so continue washing face and hands frequently in the middle. You can likewise keep a bowl of curd convenient, continue applying it on each other infrequently — that not only helps remove the colour but also moisturises and hydrates your skin.

* Do not neglect to apply sunscreen over the layer of oil before wandering out. Settle on a gel-based one that is waterproof also. Any brand with SPF 26 or more is adequate for Indians. Apply it around 30 minutes before playing. Ought to be out in the sun for over 3 hours, then recall to reapply a coat later.

* Keep drinking water while playing Holi, this will ensure that you’re hydrated under the sun.

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