How to apply hair tattoo: Step-by-step guide to apply temporary metallic hair tattoos at home

Deepak, 03/07/2017
How to apply hair tattoo: Step-by-step guide to apply temporary metallic hair tattoos at home

On the off chance that you need to accesorize your hair, hair tattoos are a decent choice as they are easy to use and are temporary, just like temporary tattoos. The look beautiful, intricate, and ideal for a special night out!

They come in various metallic shades, for example, golden and silver with various patterns. Browse first and when you find the ideal designed ones for your hair however them. You will require hair tattoos, scissors, bottle with shower spout, water, towel and hair splash.

Here is a well ordered manual for apply really metallic hair tattoos.


Brush you hair well so that your hair is smooth, the tattoo works well if you straighten your hair a little. And if you want to style your hair into braids or a pony do that before applying the tattoo. Once you are done with the hair, cut out the tattoo that you want to apply with a pair of scissors.

STEP 2: 

Peel off the reasonable, plastic sheet and spray the zone you need the tattoo in with hair spray . This will enable the tattoo to hold fast better to your hair. Then place the tattoo against your hair in such a away that the design is against your hair and the paper backing the tattoo is facing out. Hold it firmly in place.


Now grab a  damp towel  and press it against the hair tattoo. Hold it in place for 20 to 30 seconds and make sure that you do not move the towel, otherwise the tattoo will not be placed in alignment. If you do not want to use a damp towel, you can simply spritz the area covering the tattoo with water and hold it with your fingers firmly. for about 30 seconds.


After 30 seconds gently rub your fingers on the back of the tattoo to just make sure that the tattoo sticks to your hair. Peel off the paper stuck to the back of the tattoo gently. Only the paper should come away not the tattoo. Also do it slowly so that you do not risk the tattoo being ripped.


You will see that the tattoo is adhered to your hair. Spray the tattoo again with hairspray to make it last longer. You are prepared to display your temporary hair tattoo! The hair tattoo goes on for a few days, once you are finished wearing it you can brush it out with extreme attention to detail beginning from the base to the top to expel it. Work in short and speedy stroked to expel it. Else you can likewise basic wash it away utilizing cleanser and conditioner. The tattoo will effectively piece off once your apply water.

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