If You Have Someone To Call You As 'Baabu', Then This Is Not For You

Admin, 28/01/2017

I was quite recently sitting with one of my friends, and her telephone rang, I saw her mobile screen and the name was glimmering as 'Baabu'. Yes, you heard it right, 'Baabu'. 

Firstly, let me brief you about this term, in fact "Baabu" is utilized for a respectable person. Much the same as 'Daakiya Baabu' (postman). 

Gracious, go ahead! I know you individuals are particularly mindful of this word. Obviously, everybody perusing this article is not single like me. 

Believe me guys, I felt so envious of it. My blood started boiling, and I thought about all those people who do not have someone to be called as "Shona, Baabu aur Jaanu". On a personal note, I do not hate these words, but probably a lot more people can relate to my thinking

If You Have Someone To Call You As 'Baabu', Then This Is Not For You
For each one of those men who trust that by calling any girl lady as 'Baabu, Shona, Jaan' can win her heart then dude, I am so sorry. You are completely wrong!
Yeah, I agree No doubt, that there is a child inside each individual, however that doesn't at all mean to make that child alive now and then.
In spite of calling someone as 'Baabu', call them erratic, call them an absolute mess, tell them their flaws and then tell them that you love them anyway.
I need you to understand that there is a great deal of contrast between "you look beautiful", and "you are beautiful". Permit me to feel pure pleasure of having my own identity.
Again don't consider this as attitude problem or swag, but I want to fall in love with something real, the world of fantasy does not attract me, mate!
The sweetest music to anybody's ear is the sound of their name. Yes, it is alright to spoil your affection with those words, yet just to remind you, I have my name also!

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