India's Top 10 best technology companies to work for in 2017'

Deepak, 10/10/2017

India's 'Best Companies to Work For' list is out. Furthermore, as past numerous years, IT organizations rule the year 2017's posting too. The investigation done in relationship with The Economic Times has uncovered that vocation development, mindful like a group/family, decency and advantages are the four trust supporters that effect representatives' discernments about their working environments and separate the best work environments from the rest.

Here are the 15 best innovation organizations to work for in India for the year 2017 ...

1. Intuit India

Founded: 2005;
Employee Strength: 948;
Gender diversity (F/M): 1:3.21;
Overall Rank: 1;

One of the chosen few organizations in the nation that has been straight forwardly vocal about LGBT (lesbian, gay, swinger, transgender) rights and inclusivity at the working environment. Intuit representatives are permitted to utilize 10 percent of their opportunity — called 'unstructured' time — to consider client issues and develop on new solutions.

2. Google India

Founded: 2004;
Employee Strength: 1863;
Overall Rank: 3;

Google recently released the results of a study done by Googlers, of Googlers, to see what makes an effective team at Google. Inspired by Project Oxygen, it looks at what makes great managers at Google. The company analysed more than 200 teams over 200 interviews and assessed more than 200 ways of evaluating team effectiveness.

3. SAP Labs India

Founded: 1998;
Employee Strength: 6489;
Gender diversity (F/M): 1:1.93;
Overall Rank: 5;

Over the previous year, SAP Labs India has been concentrating on building a solid culture of business enterprise. Its quickening agent program, SAP Startup Studio, concentrates on curating early or development organize new companies that use troublesome innovation to fathom complex business challenges.
The organization has additionally redone its vacation approach to permit the individuals who have finished two years or more at SAP to take a holiday for business enteke a holiday for business enterprise for up to two years.

4. Adobe India

Employee Strength: 4875;
Gender Ratio (F/M) 1:3.36;
Overall Rank: 6;

The organization is additionally working towards reintegrating its returning mothers. A half year back, it started to allocate amigos to representatives who went on maternity clear out. The organization is likewise centered around employing more ladies to its workforce. From its 23 for every penny ladies representatives in 2016, this year, it has increase to 31%.

5. NetApp India

Founded: 2001;
Employee Strength: 1536;
Gender diversity (F/M): 1:3.56;
Overall Rank: 7;

While taking care of employees within the organization, the company also focuses on building up fresh talent. One of the ways this is done is by working with faculty at institutes like IIT Kanpur, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Guwahati, and IIT Bangalore, to provide them expertise and teaching resources to infuse storage, data management, and cloud-related content into their curriculum.

6. Teleperformance India

Founded: 2001;
Employee strength: 8302;
Gender ratio (F/M): 1: 2.56;
Overall Rank: 8;

Teleperformance deserted yearly evaluations two years back. It now has a month to month, continuous straightforward scorecard component set up that gives perceivability and rouses self-administration. The organization offers space for continuous upgrades instead of holding up an entire year to offer criticism to workers.

7. Pitney Bowes

Founded: 2007;
Employee strength: 660;
Gender Ratio (F/M): 1:3.93;
Overall Rank: 9;

Pitney Bowes does not monitor employee attendance. Another ingredient is the company’s ability to provide growth opportunities. Close to 70 per cent of the people who joined the company in India in the first year are claimed to be still with the company.

8. American Express India

Founded: 1921
Employee Strength: 11748
Gender diversity (F/M): 1:1.52

Overall Rank: 2;

9. Lemon Tree Hotels

Founded: 2002
Employee Strength: 3492
Gender Ratio (Female to Male): 1:9.71
Rank 2016: 9

10 .DHL Express India

Founded: 1979
Employee strength: 2402
Gender Ratio (F/M): 1:7.52
Rank 2016: 18

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