Jennifer Winget’s traditional look: Step-by-step guide to nail the Beyhadh actress’ bun hairdo

Deepak, 15/06/2017
Jennifer Winget’s traditional look: Step-by-step guide to nail the Beyhadh actress’ bun hairdo

Get inspired by Beyhadh actress Jennifer Winget and rock this easy bun hairstyle for any traditional occasion.

Jennifer Winget, the small screen star has cast a spell with her popular television soap Beyhadh.The on-screen character has depicted a never-seen symbol in the show and it's a given that the fans adored her in the show and just can't quit raving about it!

Inspired by Jennifer Winget's bun hairstyle, we are going to show you how you too can pull off an easy bun hairstyle just like Jennifer for your a traditional look.

This haircut is ideal for ladies with medium hair length. It is speedy and super simple, you will nail this look in under five minutes and look all glammed flaunting this haircut.  Here is a step-by-step guide to nail Jennifer Winget inspired hairdo.

STEP 1: Wash and condition your hair using a shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair type. Apply  heat protectant and blow dry your hair.

STEP 2: Brush your hair and make a deep middle partition. Since you are aiming for a traditional look, use a mangtika in the center partition and secure it with a couple a pins.

STEP 3: Leave two inches of hair in the front and grab the rest of your hair towards the back. Slightly back comb this section of your hair to add some volume, twist the section in the middle, push it into the front to make a puff and secure it with bobby pins.

STEP 4: Now take a section of hair from one side of the partition and back brush it to include some volume. Begin twisting the section and tug at it to include more volume. Secure the hair section that has at the back with a pin. Repeat this twice on one side of the hair partition so that you have three twisted sections of the hair.

STEP 5: Now repeat the same on the opposite side of the partition, so you have three segments of hair bent on each side of the hair partition and secure it at the back of your head.

STEP 6: Once you are done with it, pull back the remaining hair and twist it into a bun. Secure the bun with bobby pins.

STEP 7: To set the hair in place, use hair spray. It will make sure that your hairdo will not become messy for a longer period of time.

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