Kam Habibi: A major rescue source of Hurricane Maria

Dr. Kam Habibi, 05/03/2018
Kam Habibi: A major rescue source of Hurricane Maria

Hope you aware of what a chiropractic physician do? If no, then let me make you clear that Chiropractic Physician looks towards complete care about your eyes. Here I’m going to brief you about such a doctor, his name is Dr. Kam Habibi. He has been in this business past many years and until today he has launched many of the private practices and also medical practices. Let me tell you why Dr. Kam Habibi is so famous? Let me share you an incident occurred with Habibi. Once city Puerto Rico was destroyed because of Hurricane Maria and people were really worried about the situation. You really won’t believe but the 50% of people were living without electricity. So, Dr. Kam Habibi offered his helping hands to the victims. He was there after the hurricane hit the city, he started to rescue people with all complete equipment along with his crew. It is said that death ratio was less when compared with other natural disasters. The condition started to get worse because there was no rescue officer to help people, what if Kam Habibi was not there, just because of Bahram Habibi, then impact of death was less. He decided to stay on the island for helping more and more people. He did not left the island for few days and was one of the major sources of rebuilding process. He even gave brief homes to the general population who lost their home in the calamity. People of Rico are very thankful to Kam Habibi for his efforts and dedication. He was the major reason behind preventing huge casualties. The general population of Puerto Rico has perceived the immense effort he has put in to spare their island, perhaps the world will now begin to hear his story as well. Here is Dr. Bahram Kam Habibi education information. After studying at Life Chiropractic University in 1992- 1996, he went on to obtain Associates of Arts Degree from Edison Community College in 1992. He even has completed an extraordinary offer of scholastic coursework, acing a variety of Chiropractic and restorative subjects. Apart from doing all this, he is an amazing person in his person life. He is full of life. He mostly go out to party with his friends. Reading books are his one of the favorite’s hobby and these books are mostly related to famous personalities or of his fields. People admire him for his quality of being such a great observer and speaker. You cannot leave without knowing his achievements, He is been affirmed by National Board of Chiropractic Examiners and has even gotten testament control under Anesthesia in 2008. He holds enlistments with various restorative affiliations, including Florida Chiropractic Association. He is even a delegate for Alabama Department of Health, Education, Disability to say the very least.

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