Lions Treat Woman Like the Leader of the Pride

Deepak, 07/03/2017
Lions Treat Woman Like the Leader of the Pride

The staff at a Seaview Predator Park in South Africa are using a unique method to try and get the public to care more about animals.

Meet Or Lazmi. She has done the impossible and integrated herself into a group of four lions.

Lazmi has known these lions since they were cubs, and she’s so confident they will be well-behaved that at this park, they’ll even allow people into the enclosure with them.

In the incredible video below, Lazmi is shown up close and personal with the majestic lions, and they show her complete respect and recognize her as their master. Lazmi tells Animal Planet in an interview, “We have a very strong bond with this group. We respect them as wild animals to start off with, I think that’s one of the key points. We don’t train them.”

But Lazmi explains it took time to get to this point:

“[The lions have] They’ve known me as a constant dominant figure in their life since they were babies, and that’s why I’m able to go so up close to them now.”

Over time, Lazmi has learned to read their looks and their mood swings, and their different personalities. This has enabled her to put them back in their place when they misbehave.

The wildlife park hopes that these four lions will eventually be the first ambassadors to be released back into the wild. Although they have been hand-reared, Lazmi believes it’s possible and says their intimate relationship with these four lions will help them do that.

[Featured Image Credit: YouTube- Animal Planet]

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