Man case 800-square-mile segment of land amongst Egypt and Sudan as his own particular nation.

Man case 800-square-mile segment of land amongst Egypt and Sudan as his own particular nation.

On November 7, 2017 a man from India did the unbelievable and asserted a land parcel in a remote nation as his kingdom. Suyash Dixit from Indore pronounced himself the lord of a 800-square-mile portion of land isolating Egypt and Sudan.He composed that he ruling the 'Kingdom of Dixit' online from India. He composed on Facebook: "I, Suyash Dixit, first of my name and the defender of the domain, announce myself as the lord of "Kingdom of Dixit."

A CEO of an IT organization, Dixit, a travel fan discovered the 800-square-mile segment of land isolating Egypt and Sudan.

I well-traveled 319KM (forward and backward) in far abandon without any streets to assert this unclaimed place where there is Bir Tawil. This 800 sq.miles of land has a place with no nation. It is the main place on earth where people can live and survive however isn't a piece of any state/nation. Following the early progress morals and manage, in the event that you need to assert a land then you have to develop trims on it. I have included a seed and poured some water on it today. It is mine.

Here are some interesting statistics about KoD.
Name: Kingdom of Dixit (KoD)
Current population of country: 1
Capital city: Suyashpur
Ruler: King Suyash I
Date of establishment: Nov. 5, 2017
National animal: lizard (I didn’t see any other animal there)"

I therefore announce Suyog Dixit as the acting Prime Minister and the Head of Military (in the event that we have any) from today. We are tolerating applications for different posts. 

I am glad to report my dad as the President of KoD as a birthday present to him. Upbeat birthday Papa! 

Life is either a mind blowing enterprise or it is nothing by any stretch of the imagination. On the off chance that you are not accomplishing something epic, you're going to wind up in a yet another grave."

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