Nasa Big Discover of 'holy grail':Entire new solar system of 7 exoplanets

Vanita Labra, 23/02/2017
Nasa Big Discover of

New Delhi: On Wednesday, February 22, 2017, the US space office reported to the world about its way breaking finding of seven Earth-like planets around a solitary star - a small, close-by, ultra-cool small star called TRAPPIST-1. 

Fascinatingly, no less than three of the seven rough world speak to the "holy grail for planet-hunting astronomers" as they are solidly situated in the 'livable zone'. 

Researchers said these seven planets could have fluid water, which is the way to life. 

This is the first occasion when that such a variety of planets with these qualities - under the right climatic conditions – have been found around a similar star. 

The new solar system was watched utilizing NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope and the ground-based TRAPPIST (TRAnsiting Planets and PlanetesImals Small Telescope) telescope, and in addition other ground-based observatories. 

Discussing the star, they said the recently discovered planetary framework is generally youthful and notwithstanding when our own Sun has come up short on fuel and our close planetary system is demolished, it will in any case be in its initial early stages. 

The new close planetary system was named for the TRAPPIST telescope.

Here's a video featuring interviews with Sean Carey, manager of the Spitzer Science Center, Caltech/IPAC; Nikole Lewis, James Webb Space Telescope project scientist, Space Telescope Science Institute; and Michaël Gillon, principal investigator, TRAPPIST, University of Liege, Belgium.

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