Pakistan burns: 70 injured during crackdown on Islamist protest, media blackout issued

Deepak, 25/11/2017
Pakistan burns: 70 injured during crackdown on Islamist protest, media blackout issued

ISLAMABAD: Over 70 people, including security personnel, were injured on Saturday in clashes in Pakistan after police and paramilitary forces launched an operation to disperse Islamist protesters who have been occupying main highways leading to the capital Islamabad.

Private television channels in Pakistan have also been asked to go off air in regions around the capital as the police and paramilitary crack down on Islamist protesters.

The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority ordered the suspension for violating media regulations and showing live coverage of a security operation. State-run Pakistan Television continued to broadcast, but aired a talk show discussing politics.

Security forces on Saturday fired rubber bullets to disperse an Islamist sit-in that has plunged Pakistan's capital city into chaos in recent weeks. 

The protesters have been demanding the resignation of law minister Zahid Hamid for the changes made about Khatm-i-Nabuwwat or finality of prophethood oath in the Elections Act 2017 passed in September.

According to a security official, more than 8,000 security personnel took part in the operation against around 2,000 protesters.

The operation was still going on and police were facing stiff resistance from the protesters.

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