Summer diet tips: What to eat and drink during a heatwave

Deepak, 03/04/2017
Summer diet tips: What to eat and drink during a heatwave

It's just the beginning of the summer in India, yet, most urban cities are as of now confronting heatwave conditions, which have already claimed some lives.

Heatwave can make many people leave a half their food uneaten due to a sudden loss of appetite which may affect one's well-being during the hotter temperatures. In any case, it's critical to eat well and continue sufficiently taking liquids, regardless of the possibility that you don't have a craving for having it, with a specific end goal to remain safe amid hot climate.

Plates of mixed greens and natural product juices are regularly suggested as they can keep you cool and hydrated.

If you're confused on what to eat and drink during a heatwave, here are a few tips for you that will help keep you cool and protect against sun damage.

Foods that are hydrating

There are certain fruits and vegetables that contain more water than others, and therefore, we should increase the intake of those foods to stay hydrated.They are -

  1.     Watermelon
  2.     Cucumber
  3.     Strawberries
  4.     Pomegranate
  5.     Lettuce
  6.     Celery
  7.     Radishes
  8.     Carrots
  9.     Tomatoes
  10.     Spinach

Drinks that can keep you cool in a heatwave

The most ideal approach to remain hydrated when temperatures are high is to drink water. Guarantee that you take heaps of liquids when the climate is hot. Rather than bringing sugary drinks beverages with loaded calories and can be adverse to your wellbeing, run with water for hydration. Tips for drinking more water:

  • Use a water reusable bottle, you can replenish water whenever you want it.
  • You can also use natural flavouring in your water using a slice of fruits like lemon or strawberries to add a little flavour to your water.
  • Besides water, you can also keep yourself hydrated with these refreshing drinks packed with nutrients such as lemon water, coconut water, etc.

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