The father was beaten up and the mother making video


Our parents try to give us good values ​​from our childhood so that we can grow up with good rites and never do anything that will make our head fall. Any parent wants to teach good things to his child. But today we are going to tell you about an incident that will be lost by the ground under your feet. A case has been reported from Bengaluru, after which nobody will be murdered.

The father was beaten up and the mother making video
A father is hurting his son with a mobile charger so badly that you will also get angry at that father. The father is speaking to his ten-year-old son, "how many times have said, do not lie!" Then the son cries on it, "It is said that you had said many times,
This father of his age did not have any mercy on his son and he continued to beat the child with that attitude. That honey does not fill the mind of the father, he raises his son several times and throws him in the ground and then kills badly even with slap
The most shocking thing is that the voice of a woman is coming from behind and this voice is the mother of that child. The mother says "no child lies like this", and after hearing this, the child's father becomes furious and raises that innocent person from the post and slaps him into the ground. But the voice of the same woman is heard again and this time she is saying "What are these, wait?" The minute of the nine-second video ends in here.

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