This Karwa Chauth Try These 3 Delicious Sabudana Recipes

Deepak, 06/10/2017

Karwa Chauth is one of the most auspicious festivals celebrated by married woman in India. It is usually celebrated before the festival of Diwali, and this year Karwa Chauth 2017 will be celebrated on October 8. Married woman observe fast on this day and refrain from food and water for the well-being and prosperity of their husbands. Women observe the fast from sunrise to moon rise on this day. Though it is mostly observed by married women for long life of their husbands, some unmarried women also celebrate this festival for their desired life partners. We share with you some yummy fasting food that you can have after breaking your fast.

This Karwa Chauth Try These 3 Delicious Sabudana Recipes


Sabudana 200 grams
Peanuts 50 grams
Sendha namak 15 grams
Green chilies 10 grams
Green coriander 10 grams
Desi ghee 30 grams
Grated fresh coconut 10 grams
Cumin 5 grams
Lemon Juice


To make this simple sabudana khichdi, soak sabudana over night in sufficient water. Next day, drain the excess water if required.

Then, crush the peanuts and keep aside.

Heat the desi ghee in a pan and to this add cumin seeds, green chilies, sendha namak peanuts coriander and sabudana. Saute for some time.

Cover the pan and allow it to cook on low heat stirring in between.
When done remove from heat and add lemon juice and grated coconut as garnish, serve hot with khamang kakadi.



Sabudana 100 grams
Milk 500 ml
Sugar 80 grams
Pistachio 10 grams
Almonds 10 grams
Desi Ghee 10 grams


Making sabudana kheer is really simple. The first thing to do is to soak sabudana for one hour in water and drain excess water.

Boil milk and add soaked sabudana to it and cook on slow fire till it softens. To this add sugar and allow it to simmer and reduce to perfection.

Saute almonds and pistachios in desi ghee and then add these to kheer when it is ready to serve.



Sabudana 300 grams
Samak rice 100 grams
Sendha namak 5 grams
Boled potatoes 50 grams
Mustard seeds 3 grams
Desi ghee 20 grams
Green chilie 10 grams
Fresh coriander 10 grams


Wash Sabudana and samak rice under running cold water and then soak in enough water for 6 to 8 hours.

Then drain it to get rid of the excess water and grind into smooth paste.

Heat the tawa for dosa. Season it well.

Make dosa using prepared batter. Drizzle some ghee.

Make stuffing from all masala mixture with tadka of mustard seend and use it in dosa before rolling it and then serve hot.

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