This newlyweds Completed Their Photoshoot In Delhi's smog

This newlyweds Completed Their Photoshoot In Delhi

As we all seeing how Delhi is getting secured under the cover of smog and is turning into a 'gas chamber' a Delhi-based picture taker named Ashish Pareek has utilized this situation for making a cover themed couple photo shoot which is turning into a web sensation on the web. Ashish Pareek woke up to charcoal-tinted sky and chose to catch what it will resemble living in Delhi later on. He concocted an intriguing idea to do an uncommon photograph shoot for a couple against the background of Delhi's thick and lethal brown haze. With help of a couple of companions, they really went to the most notable places in Delhi like India Gate and wonderfully captured, "Love is in the brown haze."

While as wonderful as it looks, it's likewise amazing in light of the fact that this is precisely what it resembles to live in Delhi soon.

From Facebook to Twitter, everybody via web-based networking media is moved by this intriguing idea and applauding the picture taker for it, while others are recently greatly amaze by this and they can't quit worrying over the way this is really going to be a living reality in India's capital soon.

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