Top 5 Affordable Resorts in The Maldives

Vishnu - MakeOurTravel, 31/07/2018
Top 5 Affordable Resorts in The Maldives

Famous for its white sandy beaches and clear waters, Maldives is a perfect tropical escapade for a family, honeymoon couple, and a group of friends. This is a perfectly relaxing experience you can have during your holidays. You don’t need to be a traveller full of money in your pockets as you can enjoy the beauty of Maldives at very affordable prices. Staying there is extremely affordable than any other Asiatic outdoor locations.

Take a look at some of the affordable resorts in the Maldives:

Batuta Maldives Surf View

Located at a distance of about 30 minutes of boat ride from the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, Batuta Maldives is a popular and affordable resort that has five well-equipped rooms and an in-house restaurant. The resort is so special because of its close proximity to the city’s main attractions such as Cola Surf, Louis Surf, Chicken’s Surf Point, and more.

Tariff: Starting from INR 3500 per room

Aveyla Manta Village

16 rooms settled on two floors, Aveyla Manta Village is popular for its private beach occupancy. Your mornings get refreshed with a buffet breakfast and you can enjoy various activities that are offered by the resorts. The resort authority provides free transport facility from the airport. You can also enjoy the in-house spa at this resort.

Tariff: Starting from INR 4,400 per room

Masaaree Boutique Hotel

Located on Maafushi Islands, Masaaree Boutique Hotel is like a luxurious homestay. Settled in a quiet and serene location, Masaaree Boutique Hotel is a perfect holiday experience in the Maldives. The hotel staff is always ready to serve you with a polite behaviour. All basic facilities like AC, flatscreen TV, minibar and free Wi-fi are available here.

Tariff: Starting from INR 3900 per room

Bibee Maldives

The simple and sober Bibee Maldives is great to offer all basic services. You can choose between standard double room, deluxe double room, and a deluxe triple room for a comfortable stay. The in-house restaurant features the dishes of delicious sea-food. Surrounded by Shallow lagoons, Dhiffushi Island has a rich and diverse marine life. You can also enjoy water sports such as diving and snorkelling.

Tariff: Starting from INR 3,500 per room

Seahouse Maldives Topdeck Hotel

Located just at the distance of ten minutes from Male City, Seahouse Maldives Topdeck Hotel is a perfect place if you want to get relaxed under a budget. The rooms are equipped with all basic amenities such as AC, mini-bar, wardrobe, and ironing facility. You can also indulge in traditional massages. You can also enjoy water activities such as banana boat rides, sailing, rowing, and foot reflexology.

Tariff: Starting from INR 4,450 per

So what are you waiting for? Plan your monsoon vacation for the Maldives as affordable Maldives Packages are waiting to be booked.

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