Top 5 Dedicated Server hosting providers in India

Aman Singh, 27/01/2018

The web hosting business is growing quite quickly and that is the reason business owners are embracing new techniques to compete in the market with their opponents. There are numerous hosting solutions available on the marketplace from whom you can buy the hosting agency. In short, we can declare that the web server is given on rent and you pay for it. You must've a question that if you can begin your hosting journey with shared hosting then why do you require committed/ VPS/ Cloud hosting? The solution is very simple; once you encounter a fantastic response in traffic and tools are becoming utilized immediately, then you want to change to a high platform like Dedicated Server Hosting India for the more better experience.

As per the stats, it is predicted that demand for dedicated server hosting will probably upswing and anticipated to reach $5.16 billion by 2019. A dedicated server is just one of the greatest platforms that you get for your organization website if you're prepared to bear all the expenses. It's assumed that the benefits and ROI are very likely to be increased. If your company completely is dependent upon a website where you get prospects, recognize conversions and close sales. In these scenarios, you may get dedicated hosting server since it will give you stability, smooth functioning and uninterrupted accessibility. Though it is costly, however there are a number of genuine providers who provide dedicated server at an affordable price together with the top quality support. In this article, we'll include top 5 dedicated server hosting suppliers and direct you in selecting the ideal host for your industry.


1) MilesWeb:-MilesWeb is in the first position in this list as it is among the leading web hosting company in India. It was established in 2012 and it has established and earned good reputation in the Indian sector. MilesWeb offers a comprehensive lineup -- up of hybrid dedicated host in India and US datacenter. They supply three dedicated server plans beginning from Rs.7000/ - mo and 50% OFF on the first-month invoice of all dedicated hosting plans. Here are the few points that can allow you to know the reason you need to pick MilesWeb dedicated servers?


·         Host unlimited websites

·         Ability to choose OS

·         SSH root access

·         Server Administration

·         No set up fee or contract


They provide six programs and every plan consist of different capabilities. Normally, their plans start from Rs.10,000/ mo and their servers are offered under a managed approach along with pre-installed OS, routine maintenance and security, technical assistance included in the plans. Additionally, all of the plans include FREE SSD storage in all programs. If you compare the cost with MilesWeb then you will observe that MilesWeb offers affordable price as well as same capabilities. Additionally, they manually confirm all signup calls prior to preparing the account.


If you're targeting an Indian viewer, then check their India dedicated programs and in that, you will acquire fours plans. If you compare with MilesWeb then you will discover that in relation to price Bluehost lack behind, as they are costly.


2)YouStable Hosting:  stand in the next position in this list. They offer six plans and every program consist of different features. Normally, their plans begin from Rs. 9999/M and their servers are offered under a managed approach together with pre-installed OS, routine maintenance and security, technical assistance included in the plans. Additionally, all the programs include FREE SSD storage in most plans. If you compare the price with MilesWeb then you are going to observe that YouStable Hosting offers affordable price as well as same features. Furthermore, they manually confirm all signup calls prior to preparing the account.


3) Bluehost:- Yet another popular internet hosting provider in India. If you are targeting an Indian viewer, then assess their India dedicated plans and in that, you'll get fours plans. Their India dedicated server plans start in Rs. 10,499/ - mo.. If you compare MilesWeb then you will notice that in terms of price Bluehost lack behind, since they are expensive.

4) HostGator:- HostGator doesn't require any introduction as they exist in the hosting marketplace from a lengthy duration. They provide four strategies and each program consist of unique capabilities. Generally, the plan starts at Rs. 10,395/- mo and all programs are fully managed and encourage cPanel or Plesk. They have a good customer database. They provide 24*7 customer service and reachable via telephone, emails and chats.


5) Interserver:- Last but not least Interserver is among those known providers in India. In their India host programs, you will acquire fours plans starting from Rs. 9008/- mo.. If you assess their strategy specifications, in that you may observe that they charge Rs.100/ - for dedicated IPs where as Others Hosting Providers charge Mostly Rs.130/ for dedicated IP. They also offer very Cheap and affordable Web Hosting It is possible to utilize their 24*7 help desk in the event of urgency.


I hope you have to have a very clear idea about the pricing of servers offered by leading providers. In case you've got a little budget and trying to switch to dedicated hosting, then it will become hard to pay a huge volume. In this case, YouStable and Interserver Hosting is the ideal choice to start your dedicated hosting travel as they supply best service in affordable price. Also, you might also check the inspection websites to know better about the solutions.

Top 5 Dedicated Server hosting providers in India
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