Trump said - India is charging 100% import duty on American products, we want free trade from the world

Vanita Labra, 27/06/2018
Trump said - India is charging 100% import duty on American products, we want free trade from the world

Trump had additionally said amid the G-7 summit that India is charging 100% levy on numerous American products.- File

The US raised the import obligation on steel and aluminum products in March, which was called Trade War.

Trump says that we need to settle business unevenness with business accomplices like China, European Union and India

Washington. US President Donald Trump has by and by rehashed on Wednesday that India is charging 100 for each penny import duty on US products. He said that we need to complete the levy and complete a free business. Trump has as of late expanded the import duty on numerous products including the US, including India. Protecting his choice, he said that these means have been taken to adjust exchange. A couple of days back, India had additionally chosen to raise expenses on 29 products imported from the US.

Trump's statement before the Indo-US talks: The US president's announcement comes when the initial two + 2 Dialog between the two nations is to be held one week from now. External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will join the discussions. Through this it is relied upon to center around reinforcing the key and barrier relations between the two nations.

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