Untold Story of Meena Kumari On Her 84th Birth Anniversary

Vanita Labra, 01/08/2018
Untold Story of Meena Kumari On Her 84th Birth Anniversary

Meena Kumari didn't simply reflect bitterness, despairing and loneliness, her life has an excellent romantic tale which is no not as much as a  picture plot. 

Mahjabeen Bano, who moved toward becoming Meena Kumari in the wake of entering the Indian silver screen, is for the most part known for a profession that was forced upon her, her awesome hunger for information and instruction, her fame, a drunkard life, and passing. Be that as it may, in the middle of this, there was a young lady who began to look all starry eyed at a man and never got over it.

Some place in between of a life of battle, being the single provider of her family, at 19 years old when Meena was nearly very nearly turning into a superstar, she met filmmaker Kamal Amrohi. She was offered the film 'Anarkali' by him and the agreement was marked on 13 March, 1951. 

Meena's love life started with an accident. 

What's more, coincidentally I mean an accident can you beleive it. On May 21st, 1951, Meena Kumari met with an accident and her left hand's fingers got extremely harmed. Kamal Amrohi turned into a religious guest to the healing facility to meet Meena and when they were not planned to meet both Kumari and Amrohi would compose letters to each other.

Since Meena was in depression after such an extreme accident, she asked Amrohi, "If notwithstanding her accident she was still in the running of Anarkali (film)". To which Kamal answered in the most sentimental way, he said "There was no doubt" he took a pen and carved on her hand the word Anarkali alongside the word 'Meri'. 

Cupid had struck both when Meena got released from the hospital. The phone was the main medium that helped them to remain associated. The shooting of 'Anarkali' was going to begin however the maker Makhanlal suffer a devastating money related calamity so the film 'Anarkali' was relinquished.

What next? They married secretly! 

Meena's dad was preservationist. He wouldn't have ever agreed to Meena and Kamal's marriage. Kamal was already married and had three kids. , multi year old Meena chose to furtively wed multi year old Kamal Amrohi. On 14 February, 1952, there Nikaah function occurred within the sight of Qadi and Meena's more youthful sister, Mahaleka. 

The newely marry couple got separated not long after the nikaah service. This photo was taken when Kamal planted a kiss on Meena's brow not long after the Nikaah service. 

They were separated and the telephone. Truly, a worker caught their discussion on the telephone and disclosed to Meena's dad, Ali Bux, about her mystery marriage! 

Father wanted Meena to take separate. He was incensed with her and that is the reason he didn't enable her to work with Kamal in his next film 'Daera'.

Meena constantly tended to Amrohi as "Chandan", and Amrohi called Meena Kumari "Manju". 

In a interview in 1953 Meena stated, 

A year has gone since then, and I am as yet the most joyful person on the planet in light of the fact that the man I have married is as yet the perfect man I adored before I had ever met him. We see each other totally. Kamal has satisfied my each idea of him. I have discovered him precisely as I had longed for him-I trust, surely I know, he will state the same of me. Something of this profound comprehension and connection of soul which lies between us may maybe be found in the photo we have recently made together, "Daaera."

It was all like a dream for Meena. She was youthful, excellent and each person fantasy young lady. Not much after, Kamal began putting confinements on Meena and set a few tenets for her. 

1. You will return home by 6:30 each night. 

2. You will permit nobody in the makeup room aside from your cosmetics man. 

3. You will sit in your own car which will take you to work and bring you back.

Meena agreed to everything except for used to break the rules once in a while. Clearly, she may have felt stuck. Kamal Amrohi's sumptuous creations, 'Daera' and 'Pakeezah', and his Kamalistan studios (1958), were generally financed by Kumari's profit. 

Meena cherished kids however Kamal never needed a kid from her. On camera, Kamal constantly pointed the finger at Meena that she didn't need any children as it would change her picture as a performing artist. It was all confounding and troublesome till Meena expounded on Amrohi in her poetry,

Dil saa saathi jab paya,
Bechaini bhi saath mili.

Meena Kumari became into a patient of unending a sleeping disorder and this seperation from her husband other made her a heavy drinker. Vinod Mehta, the author of Meena Kumari's history said in a meeting, 

Heavy drinking harmed Meena's liver. Specialists even said that the day she needs beyond words ought to have a drink. Kamal and Meena were never official separated. It was their own particular decision to avoid each other. 

'Pakeezah' was a huge project for Kamal. As per Kamal, he composed 'Pakeezah' keeping Meena in his brain. He wished to show her on the screen as nobody had previously: excellent, dismal, optimistic, crestfallen, computing, attractive. His aspiration was to catch the same number of measurements of her as he knew about. In any case, their partition conveyed the motion picture to a stop.

Just Pakeezah completion remain unsettled.You have made a condition that except if I give you a separation you won't finish Pakeezah. Indeed, even this bunch can be unfastened … I will free you from your marital ties. After this in the event that you wish to finish your Pakeezah. I would be the most glad to do as such. This is my demand, that Pakeezah on which the fortune of numerous people depends, and which had the great wishes of such a significant number of people ought not be left uncompleted if conceivable. You have better means. You have film industry request, and above all Pakeezah needs you by and by … Pakeezah that resembles a sinking boat will achieve a shore under your care. 

To which she answered, 

As to my working in Pakeezah, I have dependably been willing and clamoring to work. Pakeezah is my life dream and it will be my most noteworthy joy to see it finished. Concerning my compensation, I am happy you have given me a chance to demonstrate my respects and regard for you. I will acknowledge just a single GUINEA as a token of generosity for my whole work in Pakeezah.

With this the film making started and turned out as a major achievement. Kamal acknowledged that this picture brought them closer and numerous distinctions vanished. Three weeks after the arrival of 'Pakeezah', Meena turned out to be extremely sick and got admitted to St Elizabeth's Nursing Home. 

Meena's last words to Kamal before she went into unconsciousness were, 

Chandan, I will not live much longer now. My last wish is to die in your arms.

It is said the when Meena was born her dad couldn't pay the hospital facility's charge on account of terrible money related condition and when she passed on the condition wound up comparative. She passed on March 31st, 1972 and there was no cash to pay her healing center bills. 

Meena Kumari's life was full with tragedies and whatever she has talked was no not as much as verse thinking about the bitterness or love she experienced. The commemoration she wished to be composed on her grave will influence you to acknowledge what a solid woman she was who lost every last bit of her to love.

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