Want to know who visited your Facebook profile? Just follow these simple steps

Deepak, 22/06/2017

Just open your Chrome Extension and we will tell you how you can find out who visited your Facebook account.

Facebook has become an integral part of our social life. Though the virtual world keeps us connected with the world around us, it also brings along apprehensions of who is checking you out.

Hence it becomes very obvious that you would always like to know as to who visited your Facebook profile.

You will only have to follow some simple tricks and check it. This trick works only on Chrome Extension.

Though it does not tell you how many times a person has visited your profile, nevertheless it can find out who visited it.

Want to know who visited your Facebook profile? Just follow these simple steps
  1. Go to Google Chrom and click the three dots shown on the right hand side of the Address bar
  2. Now go to Settings. You will see Get More Extension in the left. Click that.
  1.     Now search for Flatbook and add it on your chrome.
  2.     You will find the option on the right. Once you click, it will be downloaded
  3.     Once Flatbook is downloaded on your Chrome extension, you can refresh your Facebook account.
  1. You will get a new theme.
  2. You can see a profile visitor list. Click it to know who visited your Facebook profile.

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