Some of the Famous Outfits from Celebrity Clothing

By Gaurav Joshi - 19/03/2019

All want to wear the dress like actors who wear in a movie or the audio launches. So many of them inspire for dresses to costume their dresses also like that for special parties. They search in many online websites to design like a heroine dresses by adding their ideas to them to keep comfort.


What Are The Advantages Of Using Sliding Gates And Roller Shutters?

By Gaurav Joshi - 13/03/2019

Security is the most important parameter for a house or any building for that matter. Hence, choosing the right kind of gate that is easy to operate, serves the purpose, and improves the aesthetic appearance of the building is important.


How to Drive Your Boyfriend Crazy

By Gaurav Joshi - 07/03/2019

Being a good lover is a natural thing that everyone experiences when they meet their perfect match. Anyone can go the extra mile to get the full attention of their partners at all times. As a woman, there are a thousand and one ideas of using this magic. So whether you are new in a relationship or not, this article is for you. Read on to learn more.


How to Find a Unique Baby Name

By Bhavana Sharma - 18/02/2019

Here are a portion of the incredible thoughts for finding an infant name that is one of a kind, yet not irregular. 


How to Flirt with a Woman Without Being Cheesy

By Bhavana Sharma - 15/02/2019

Here is a manual for play with a lady in the most aware way. It might strike a sound discussion between both of you and lead to a beginning of something new and astonishing. 


How To Clean Dirty White Shoes?

By Bhavana Sharma - 13/02/2019

The dying powder accessible at home is among the most ideal approach to clean white shoes. In any case, hold up a moment, as it is very harmful, it may prompt bothering in the lungs, skin, mouth and even eyes whenever ingested. In this way, try to do the insurances while utilizing it.


Things To Keep in Mind Before Sleeping

By Bhavana Sharma - 12/02/2019

Peoples are ending up increasingly more bustling step by step. Whatever we are doing, time for dozing, improving thyself or different things like this is diminishing. We may get steamed for our worn out looking appearances or dark circles, yet there's a deficiency of time to keep that. 


The Best Dress Color Combinations For This Year

By Bhavana Sharma - 12/02/2019

The truth that Pantone select not one but rather two hues for their shade of 2019 uncovers exactly how flawless shading blends are at the present time. In the event that once there was its shading that the staying of your dressing related with help entertainers while the single superstar took the middle dimension, it is presently about teams. Pick the correct blend and you will get that satisfying pop. Here are five that affirm with regards to shading; it expects two to get the great look this year. 


6 Reasons You Need Personalized & Custom Eyeglasses

By Bhavana Sharma - 11/02/2019

Choosing out the best eyeglasses has never been simpler. The cut-throat competition between the exclusive eyewear brands like Ray-Ban eyeglasses, Dolce & Gabbana eyeglasses, and D&G eyeglasses. Eyewear is now the most trending stuff which is reliable, professional, and experts in providing you with exactly what you want.


5 Ways to Stay Fit as you Age

By Bhavana Sharma - 07/02/2019

As you age, your body can start to give up on you. This does not mean that you will necessarily get sick, but with old age the impacts of leading an unhealthy life start to show. Firstly, treating your body right throughout your life is important, but more care needs to be taken as you grow older. Your body can no longer work overtime to supplement your unhealthy habits and you also become more prone to sickness. It becomes important as you age to pay special attention to your health in order to give yourself a chance at a healthy happy life.


Is Listening To Music During Work Good Or Bad?

By Vishal Chauhan - 06/02/2019

Many of us like to listen to music at work. For some, it is a source of motivation and for others; it helps to improve their concentration level. There is also a section of people who think listening to music is a distraction and hampers their productivity. But going by a few researches, listening to music can be beneficial at work, depending upon the kind of task you are doing.


Arjun Kapoor joins Malaika Arora, Karisma Kapoor at Gauri Khan’s bash.

By Vishal Chauhan - 06/02/2019

Actor Shah Rukh Khan’s interior designer wife Gauri Khan recently hosted a party for her Bollywood friends at a Mumbai restaurant. And all from Malaika Arora, Amrita Arora, Karisma Kapoor and Sohail Khan’s wife Seema Khan attended the bash. Half Girlfriend actor Arjun Kapoor, who regularly accompanies Malaika to parties and dinners, also joined the girl gang.


The Secret to Connecting With a Distant or Difficult Dad

By Bhavana Sharma - 04/02/2019

At the point when a colleague of mine reported she was going to approach her dad amid the occasion excursion to attempt to "draw near" to him by "getting through his block divider," I speculated she was destined to disappointment. While I didn't know precisely what "getting through his block divider" may involve, I was not astonished when she returned home inclination surly and vanquished. 


The Surprising Key to a Happy Marriage

By Bhavana Sharma - 04/02/2019

One of my most loved kid's shows, drawn by my companion Jennifer Berman, demonstrates a pooch and a feline in bed together.


VALENTINES WEEK 2019 List: Full Date Sheet Of Love Week.

By Bhavana Sharma - 04/02/2019

The Month of Romance and Love is in front of us. Indeed, I'm discussing the beautiful and the sentimental month of February. This Valentine Week 2019, will be increasingly extraordinary for all darlings old and new.


Online Dating and Media Consumption: A Peek at Loveawake

By Bhavana Sharma - 31/01/2019

 “We listen to so much music and consume so many movies and pieces of literature, that our favorites of these become a bit of our personality dna of sorts,” according to Loveawake, a free dating site.



By Inder Singh Chauhan - 15/01/2019

‘Life is too short to wear boring jewelry’


Why We Wear Make-Up Every Day

By Bhavana Sharma - 08/01/2019

We as a general public have many thoughts with regards to ladies and make-up. 


Sweet Name For Girl Friend

By Bhavana Sharma - 26/12/2018

In these days 90% people is in relationship. And they call them with different names to please their partner.So everyone thinks of a new name. So that their partners are happy.


Sara Ali Khan’s latest pictures are all things beautiful!

By Vishal Chauhan - 21/12/2018

Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh’s daughter Sara Ali Khan who recently made her Bollywood debut has become the talk of the town for her fashionable looks.


What I can Wear in New Year Party

By Bhavana Sharma - 18/12/2018

As you know, the New Year has now come closer. And everyone is very excited about the new year. On the other side, there is also tension that What I should wear to look different on the new year. Let us give you different ideas.


Mukesh Ambani’s Home Antilia Decked Up Like a Bride Ahead of Isha Ambani’s wedding. See Pics!

By Vishal Chauhan - 12/12/2018

Industrialist Mukesh Ambani’s daughter Isha Ambani is all set to tie the knot with Anand Piramal on December 12. The doting father had hosted an extravagant pre-wedding ceremony in Udaipur a few days back, which had the who’s who of Bollywood in full attendance


5 Ways To Be All “Calm And Cool” On Your Wedding Day

By Bhavana Sharma - 03/12/2018

How your planning for your Indian wedding cards has resulted into a beautiful wedding invite, how your extensive research on the internet has landed you to book the best venue for your wedding with the best of decorators and caterers. Yet it is quite hard to not get all stressed and nervous on one’s own wedding day thinking of all wrong possibilities. No worries we present you 5 ways in which you can remain all calm and stress-free on your wedding day:


Have You Received Flowers For Valentine's Day? Here Is How to Make Them Last Longer-

By Bhavana Sharma - 03/12/2018

Flowers are the perfect gift for Valentine's Day, and then make the house more welcoming and fragrant in a natural way. And for some reason we are happier when we admire a bouquet, what reason? In our opinion this is:


How To Use Wall Display Cases in a Small Retail Store?

By Bhavana Sharma - 30/11/2018

In this modern world of science and technology, we have to do work on a daily basis for survival in this world. Some people prefer a job and some prefer their own business to earn money. But the main point is how to start a business in an effective way. As we all know that, online marketing is increasing day by day all over the world. But still, offline marketing and business have great value in this world. If we talk about the retail business, it may take a lot of work for standing in the market.


10 Exclusive Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Rings

By Bhavana Sharma - 29/11/2018

More than any other jewel, the covenant is the very symbol of eternal passion and the promise of a life together. Classic or original, smooth or brushed, it can be difficult for each groom to find the illustrious ring. Uses its expertise in jewelry to deliver you 10 precious advices and to accompany you in this moving step which is the choice of your alliances!


How People In Love Behave Differently-Love Secrets

By Bhavana Sharma - 19/11/2018

There is nothing as delightful as being enamored. Individuals who have been enamored knows exceptionally well the sentiment of being infatuated or being cherished. Curiously, specialists trust that individuals carry on distinctively when they are struck by cupid's bow when contrasted with the individuals who aren't. How about we discover how a man's conduct changes when he or she is infatuated.


3 Blue Dresses That Will Make For Great Autumn Looks

By Bhavana Sharma - 17/11/2018

The Swirlster Picks group expounds on stuff we think you'll like. Swirlster has subsidiary associations, so we get an offer of the income from your buy.


Simple Ways To Give Your House A Budget Makeover

By Bhavana Sharma - 30/10/2018

Give your home another rent of existence without using up every last cent with our best tips for improving on a financial plan. Here and there the most straightforward arrangements can have the greatest effect so attempt these simple plans to change each room in your home.


How To Turn Your House Into A Smart Home In India?

By Bhavana Sharma - 23/10/2018

India is facing a massive wave of a new trend; everyone wants to give a smart and attractive look to their homes. Although you must be aware of painting, decorating walls, fall roof ceiling which offers a beautiful look to your house but these things are ordinary and are necessarily not enough.


Why Wedding Fairs Are A Must For Every Bride??

By Bhavana Sharma - 22/10/2018

Wedding planning is no less than a beautiful adventure. Almost everyone goes through pre-wedding stress but, amidst all those stress and hustle, wedding fairs act as a savior. For those who don't know about Wedding fairs, hold your breath because this is going to be very interesting. Wedding fairs are huge events attended by numerous exhibitors having the purpose of providing trendy ideas for all the bridal essentials.


5 Plants Best Suited for Indian Homes

By Bhavana Sharma - 18/10/2018

A plant can liven up any stylistic theme. Flourishing, lavish greens spread a feeling of good wellbeing and prosperity. Therefore and the sky is the limit from there, plants are welcome in our homes.


10 Tips For Control Yourself When You Get Angry.

By Bhavana Sharma - 18/10/2018

Is it accurate to say that you are effectively bothered and nervous? Do you go insane at a finger snap? Do you end up being ill humored and irate all the time just in light of the fact that things don't go your direction? Presently it's conceivable that such things could be caused by an exceedingly unpleasant work way of life however it could likewise mean you experience the ill effects of resentment issues.


10 Signs You’re Hotter Than You Think - Karsoo

By Bhavana Sharma - 15/10/2018

While we frequently consider our appearance, we don't generally consider the full importance of what hotness implies, and what precisely makes us attractive to potential accomplices. Amazement: it's not resembling a supermodel on the front of a magazine! Here are the characteristics that improve your engaging quality and give you an overwhelming nearness.


10 Things Scientifically Proven To Attract Women-Karsoo

By Bhavana Sharma - 13/10/2018

Since the capacity to draw in a lady is viewed as a more noteworthy logical secret than speculative chemistry, there have been numerous examinations regarding this matter.


Adorable Pictures Of Boyfriends Trying To Capture Perfect Shots Of Their Girlfriends-Karsoo

By Bhavana Sharma - 11/10/2018

Web based life envy on the off chance that you are among the 81 percent of youthful grown-ups (18-24 years of age) that utilization Instagram consistently you have certainly felt it. The unending stream of reflexive impeccably presented candids of young ladies sitting among fields of blooms is sufficient to make anyone green, however how would they do it? The appropriate response – an individual picture taker.


Things You Must Do Every Morning For Being Successful-Karsoo

By Bhavana Sharma - 09/10/2018

You may want to change your routine for the better but often find it hard as it may take months for your new habits to actually stick. So, more often than not, you lose hope and stop making efforts to trade those old bad habits in for the new and healthier ones.


How To Get A Perfect Hairstyle For Your Face Shape-Karsoo

By Bhavana Sharma - 08/10/2018

Ever thought why your chosen hairstyle doesn’t look to great while that of your friend gets all the praise from everyone around? Well, probably the simplest of reasons behind it is that they have got a proper haircut according to their face shape while your hair is not cut appropriately to suit your face shape. Not getting this face shape stuff? Well, let’s get into a bit of details.


Top Haircare Tips For Kids That Will Make Their Hair Grow Into Something Beautiful-Karsoo

By Bhavana Sharma - 05/10/2018

Kids always love to have fun and indulge in activities they find interesting. They do stuff that no one normally does and it helps them explore a lot of new things every day. However, among all that, they end up damaging their hair or, at least, giving it a fair bit of tough time and they may start looking a bit ugly. Even some common haircare practices may cause the hair to go lackluster if they are not applied properly. So, what options do you have then and how exactly you can make your kids’ hair grow into something beautiful.


Priyanka Chopra - Nick Jonas' Roka Ceremony

By Sujit Singh - 31/08/2018

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas made their relationship official earlier this month with a roka ceremony which was held at Priyanka's Mumbai home. After the ceremony, which was conducted in the presence of family members only, the couple hosted an engagement party, in which Priyanka invited Bollywood celebs and the Ambanis.


Mistakes To Avoid During Lunar Eclipse Day

By Vanita Labra - 27/07/2018

Lunar Eclipse: Big Mistakes You Must Not Make


How to Successfully Introduce Your Partner to Your Parents?

By Vanita Labra - 12/07/2018

This Easy Guide Will Show You How


10 Rules Of A One-Night Stand Every Man Should Swear By

By Vanita Labra - 03/07/2018

If you're up all night to get lucky, you might as well make it worthwhile.


What Is Your One Worst Quality? We Reveal All According to Your Zodiac Sign

By Vanita Labra - 29/03/2018

Whether you agree or disagree with this, here is what your most irritating habits are according to your zodiac sign.


10 Dos & Don'ts To Keep In Mind While Meeting Your Girlfriend's Parents For The First Time

By Vanita Labra - 23/03/2018

Here are some lesser known dos and don'ts you can be wary of, to avoid any faux pas, if you're meeting your girlfriend's parents for the first time!


Here Are The 10 Reasons Why Women Are Paid Less As Compared To Men

By Vanita Labra - 21/03/2018

Well, here we bring you a list of 10 reasons as to why women are paid less than man, have a look:


Kanjak gifts better than plastic moulded lunch boxes

By Vanita Labra - 19/03/2018

Here’s a list of five cute gift items that you can buy under Rs 100/- this Kanjak.


6 Vastu Tips To Bring Positive Energy To Your Home

By Vanita Labra - 13/03/2018

To attract good luck in 2018 keeping certain things in your home, you can attain positivity? Read to know the six vastu tips to bring positive energy into your home.


How To Forgive Someone Who Has Cheated On You

By Vanita Labra - 12/03/2018

Does Someone Who Cheated On You Deserve A Second Chance? Here's How To Decide


What Does The Ruling Planet Of Each Zodiac Sign Reveal

By Vanita Labra - 05/03/2018

Though there are 12 zodiac signs, they are ruled by the 9 planets of the universe, according to astrology.


10 Puzzles That Are Trickier Than They May Seem at First Glance

By Vanita Labra - 23/02/2018

Here are 10 exciting puzzles. Can you solve them all without checking the answers?


7 Best Face Wash For Indian Men According To Their Skin Type

By Vanita Labra - 22/02/2018

Not every men skin is the same. Each one has got a different type, their specific skin concerns.


5 Prominent Signs You Have A Controlling Girlfriend

By Kirti Sanon - 12/02/2018

Almost all guys think they have a controlling girlfriend. Written in our culture is the notion that men are wild creatures needing to be tamed.


Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Poses Every Couple Should Try

By SIBA RINGMASTER - 02/02/2018

A pre-wedding shoot, besides being an attempt at capturing a couple in their full glory, is also a fun excursion to remember for life


How To Get Shiny & Smooth Hair With Vitamin E

By Admin - 29/01/2018

Apply vitamin E oil like conditioner. You can use Vitamin E oil in place of your daily conditioner to keep your hair soft and manageable. Shampoo your hair and rinse well, then wring out the excess water from your hair.


How to Apply for Passport Online-(Normal/Tatkaal Passport)

By Kirti Sanon - 25/01/2018

Register through the Passport Seva Online Portal. Login to the Passport Seva Online Portal with the registered Login Id. Click "Apply for Fresh Passport/Re-issue of Passport" link. Fill in the required details in the form and submit.


How to apply for marriage certificate and Registration- Procedure and Charges

By Vanita Labra - 22/01/2018

Documents Required. If Aadhaar card or acknowledgment receipt is unavailable for any of the bride, groom or witness, the marriage certificate application may not be accepted. So it is advisable to apply for Aadhaar card before Marriage registration.


10 Fun Things to Do on Valentine's Day- Romantic Ideas

By Vanita Labra - 22/01/2018

With Valentines Day coming up, it's the perfect opportunity to show your partner how much you love them.. so why not ditch the pre-made card and plan some fun things to do around the city or even at home?


7 Best Techniques To Find Your Next Job (Highly Effective Job Search)

By Vanita Labra - 19/01/2018

There are a few things that don't set aside a lot of opportunities to do that can enable you to get hired rapidly. I've gotten notification from job searchers who just didn't have any acquaintance with some of those things that will help them viable job search.


Shocking Secrets Behind The Greatest Magic Tricks

By SIBA RINGMASTER - 17/01/2018

We get more established, yet a decent classy trap or deception never does. We bring very amazed to discover that quick hands, intensive arrangement, and a considerable measure of training are practically everything a performer needs.


Only People With Perfect Color Vision Can Read These Words

By SIBA RINGMASTER - 16/01/2018

Just People With Perfect Color Vision Can Read These Words. Try not to modify your screen (unless you're a con artist). Offer on Facebook. Offer with friendsClose This Box .... Attempt These Popular Quizzes!!


9 Tips to Get Her HOOKED

By SIBA RINGMASTER - 16/01/2018

In this article I'll show you 9 Tips to Get Her HOOKED getting her out on the town, and making the move. It doesn't make a difference on the off chance that you need a sweetheart or a connect, these tips will take care of business. Reward: Get free access to my new course and figure out how to twofold your certainty


7 Reasons Why Every Man Date A Russian Girl

By SIBA RINGMASTER - 13/01/2018

Russian young ladies are the place it's at. I've never known a man or lady leave an association with one of us — regardless of how concise, agonizing, or confounded — and say that they thought twice about it. Also, that is on account of we're magnificent.


2018 Kingfisher Calendar - Hot photos of Kingfisher Models

By SIBA RINGMASTER - 12/01/2018

The most sweltering thing of 2018 is at last here - look at the stylish and the renowned Kingfisher Calendar 2018


It Takes A Genius To Spot The Difference. Can You?

By SIBA RINGMASTER - 10/01/2018

Today we'll take a look at photographs to test your knowledge. Is it accurate to say that you are prepared? Is it accurate to say that you are a virtuoso? A Sherlockian dynamic analyst? We should test your forces of perception by detecting the distinction on these tricky one next to the other riddles.


Reason Of Dating A Guy Younger To You

By SIBA RINGMASTER - 09/01/2018

With a more youthful man, his propensities are not as immovably dug in which makes it less demanding to arrange your relationship. Things like what time you eat dinners or rest around evening time, where you get-away and the kind of exercises you appreciate together


Just 10 Pictures Of Deepika Padukone That Redefine Sexy!

By SIBA RINGMASTER - 05/01/2018

Cheerful 32nd, Deepika. - Deepika Padukone Birthday: The Actress Redefines Sexy With These 11 Pictures. ... Only 10 Pictures Of Deepika Padukone That Redefine Sexy!


Best Places in Delhi for Winter Street Shopping

By SIBA RINGMASTER - 04/01/2018

Delhi is a place brimming with life. Being the Capital of India, not just there are some amazing Shopping Malls in Delhi yet it additionally has some excellent Shopping Markets.


Film Posters That Are Apt According To The Politicians In India

By SIBA RINGMASTER - 26/12/2017

Have you at any point given an idea if films were named after our dearest legislators? Individuals in India never take a secondary lounge with regards to taking an agree at the Indian government officials and this time couple of innovative individuals on web has demonstrated their inventiveness through Photoshop


Awesome Phone Secrets Few People Know About

By SIBA RINGMASTER - 26/12/2017

Its a well known fact that life winds up noticeably less demanding when you have a telephone in your grasp. Distinctive applications prove to be useful and spare you valuable time in different circumstances. In any case, your most loved contraption has many highlights you haven't found or knew about yet


Top 8 Water Sport Activities You Must Try in Goa

By SIBA RINGMASTER - 26/12/2017

With an extensive coastline, blustery shorelines and splendid skies, Goa gives abundant chances to enterprise fans to investigate the waters in the same number of courses conceivable as you need. Regardless of whether you are a casual amateur or a brave water skiing master, the waters of Goa have something for everybody


Choose the Most Foolish Person in the Picture

By SIBA RINGMASTER - 22/12/2017

Chosen? Now check your results


Can You Tell a Fake Product From the Real Thing?

By SIBA RINGMASTER - 20/12/2017

Market is loaded with fake products of huge brands, even a consistent and experienced client can't get the distinction in unique and phony one. As strategy is building up the copy items is likewise developing in world.


Only Geniuses Are Able to Find the Differences in These Pictures

By SIBA RINGMASTER - 18/12/2017

The particular component of all masters is a splendid personality and mindfulness to points of interest. They'll instantly see even the scarcest contrasts between two pictures.


This Dude turned his Tinder Profile into a Impressing CV

By SIBA RINGMASTER - 09/12/2017

Dude turned his Tinder Profile into an Awe-inspiring CV & it's a Lesson in getting swiped right. Tinder-Niket Biswas. As we all know Tinder is the World's most popular app for ... He used his creative ideas to update his Tinder profile into an impressive CV in a compact power point presentation style.


7 Reasons Why You Should Date A Short Girl

By SIBA RINGMASTER - 06/12/2017

Here are 7reasons why you should date a short young lady. It additionally clarifies why short young ladies make the best sweethearts ever! Read on...


10 Zodiac Signs That Make The Best Couples

By SIBA RINGMASTER - 04/12/2017

Here, we bring you a list of zodiac signs that are the most compatible. If people with these signs are together, they can make a very best couple


10 Picture That Show Us How Love Can Be Found In Smallest Of Things

By SIBA RINGMASTER - 01/12/2017

Picture show love in small things. ... 10 Picture That Show Us How Love Can Be Found In Smallest Of Things


Best Places to Meet Women

By SIBA RINGMASTER - 30/11/2017

If youre a single guy and are wondering where have all the women gone, here are some of the best places to find them


7 new outfits from only 13 dress pieces in your room

By SIBA RINGMASTER - 30/11/2017

We get you a data designs that will enable you to know to make 7 new outfits from just 13 dress pieces in your room


Why you should never drink coffee on an empty stomach

By Deepak - 20/11/2017

It's best to pair your coffee with a bite to eat


Shashi Tharoor gets marriage proposal

By SIBA RINGMASTER - 15/11/2017

Shashi Tharoor Got A wedding Proposal At The Delhi Pride Parade and he give the best reply


This newlyweds Completed Their Photoshoot In Delhi's smog

By SIBA RINGMASTER - 15/11/2017

Smog mask is turning into the new personality!


Tips to keep in mind during online transactions

By Deepak - 14/11/2017

Caution while using public wi-fi networks: Dubious networks increase the risk of malicious activity. Hence, it is safer to avoid networks which are not password protected.


No Excuses' Fat-Shaming Mom Changes Her Tune Now That She's Gained Weight

By Deepak - 14/11/2017

Being a parent is a 24-hour job, and not one you can call in sick for or just kind of coast for a day.


According To Scientific Reason, The More You Spend Time With Your Parents, The Longer They Will Live

By SIBA RINGMASTER - 14/11/2017

New research has discovered that the additional time you go through with your older folks, the more they will probably live.


Evolution of Bollywood MAKEUP?!!

By Deepak - 13/11/2017

From 1950's to 2010's


14 Signs Of Hormone Imbalance Most Women Ignore

By Deepak - 13/11/2017

you reach some major milestones in life, your hormones can make their presence known in a big way.


Delhi air pollution Public health emergency declared; people advised not to venture outside

By Deepak - 07/11/2017

Indian Medical Association (IMA) on Tuesday declared public health emergency in Delhi, due to high pollution level.


World's 10 most livable cities 2017

By Deepak - 25/10/2017

No US cities make the world's top 10 most livable list—but these Canadian and Australian ones did


How to link Aadhaar with PF account online: Details here

By Deepak - 23/10/2017

Know how EPFO members can link their respective UAN with Aadhaar online.


Vaani Kapoor does a Katrina Kaif recreates Kamli magic with Main Yaar Manana Ni

By Deepak - 17/10/2017

Vaani’s latest dance mix video recreates Katrina Kaif’s Kamli moment and Vaani dances like a pro to the tunes of Yashita Sharma.


Tumhari Sulu: Ban Ja Rani song from Vidya Balan starrer sounds too cute

By Deepak - 16/10/2017

The song sounds too cute and gives couples happy marriage goals.


Tokyo is world safest city Delhi is 43rd on Safe Cities Index 2017

By Deepak - 14/10/2017

Based on 49 indicators covering digital, health, infrastructure and personal security.


Deepika Jewelry For Padmavati

By Deepak - 14/10/2017

watch the video right here


Flipkart Big Diwali Sale 2017: Check out mobile blockbuster offers

By Deepak - 14/10/2017

Customers with HDFC Bank credit or debit card can get additional 10 percent instant discount on their purchases made during the sale


India's Top 10 best technology companies to work for in 2017'

By Deepak - 10/10/2017

Here are the 15 best innovation organizations to work for in India for the year 2017 ...


Diwali 2017: Top gift ideas for this season

By Deepak - 10/10/2017

As Diwali this year falls on October 19, we list out some cool gifting options for you.


5 Glamorous Bun Hairstyles That You Should Try On Karwa Chauth

By Deepak - 06/10/2017

Karwa Chauth 2017 Hairstyle Tips: 5 Different Types Of Bun Hairstyle to Try This Karwa Chauth


Nail the Traditional Look this Karwa Chauth with this Makeup Tutorial!

By Deepak - 06/10/2017

Karwa Chauth 2017 Makeup: Step-By-Step Makeup Tutorial to Look Gorgeous on this Auspicious Day


How to Wear 5 Different Styles of Men Tees

By voxpop - 29/09/2017

Not all t shirts for men are created equal. Each one has a unique characteristic and each one needs deserves to have its own place in the styling world. Here’s how you do it right:


This Girl Told Her Mom She’s Not A Virgin Anymore And…

By Deepak - 28/09/2017

See a young girl’s mom finding out that her daughter isn’t a virgin anymore and what happens next is definitely we all can relate to.


Beautiful Indian Proposal Videos That Will Hit You In The Feels

By Deepak - 28/09/2017

Watching proposal videos of random strangers on the internet and fee


Erogenous Zones We Want You To Stimulate Next Time

By Deepak - 28/09/2017

Touch is one of the most magical things to happen to humankind.


How To Be There For Each Other While Going Through An Abortion

By Deepak - 28/09/2017

It's quite taxing for a woman, both physically and emotionally to go through


Paytm Payments Bank: Here’s how it compares with Digibank, Airtel Payments Bank and India Post Payments Bank

By Deepak - 27/09/2017

Here’s how it compares with the competitor payments bank.


India Had Its ‘Acche Din’ Long Before Modi Did His Damage

By Deepak - 26/09/2017

A lie spoken a thousand times becomes the currency in circulation.


Office Romance Keeping Your Hopes Alive? Here Are 8 Simple Rules For Dating A Co-Worker

By Deepak - 26/09/2017

Office romances are becoming a popular fad and a lot of people are pairing up at work because it's convenient to share the same space and work on projects together


The Relationships That We’ve All Been In

By Deepak - 25/09/2017

life, you settle on a few choices to spend a major piece of your opportunity with somebody who is special to you.


Does India Need Reservation ?

By Deepak - 23/09/2017

certificates. Reservation is a form of quota-based affirmative action. Reservation is governed by constitutional laws, statutory laws, and local rules and regulations.


Indian Makeup is incomplete without these Five things

By Deepak - 19/09/2017

Check out yourself!!


10 Things India Needs To Relax About

By Deepak - 19/09/2017

Here are 10 things we Indians really need to relax about!


Stool or blood samples can tell whether you can lose weight

By Deepak - 19/09/2017

Diet should be changed according to the gut bacteria imbalances so that the level of both Prevotella or Bacteroides can be balanced.


GST – Biggest Torture For Honest Taxpayer

By Deepak - 11/09/2017

An open letter to PM Modi on GST.


The 10 Worst Kisses In The Universe

By Deepak - 09/09/2017

Does anything suck worse than someone who sucks at sucking face?


Check Out The Crazy Ways The "Ideal" Body Type Has Changed Over The Last Century

By Deepak - 04/09/2017

take a look at what each decade from 1910 to the present day considers the "perfect" body type.


When Couples Bathe Together: What Really Happens

By Deepak - 30/08/2017

Here are all the things people expect from bathing together followed by the brutal truth


There Are Actually 5 Stages of Love, But Most of Us Get Stuck At 3

By Deepak - 30/08/2017

Relationships are brimming with wanders aimlessly. No two relationships are the same, yet after you've been in a couple of you may begin to see a few trends.


9 Signs That Your Drugs/Drinking Is Out Of Control

By Deepak - 29/08/2017

Increased risks from excessive drinking include…


Is stress the Indian Army's biggest enemy? This is how it claims over a 100 soldiers every year

By Deepak - 10/08/2017

As per a report in the Times of India (TOI), there have been 44 suicides and a fratricide case in the Army alone this year.


Rashtrapati Bhavan - The official residence of the President of India: Some interesting facts

By Deepak - 20/07/2017

Here some interesting facts about the Rashtrapati Bhawan.


Caste Based Reservation – A Boon or Bane for the Development of Indian Society

By Deepak - 06/07/2017

The people suffering from reservation system are the one belonging to general category.


King David Hotel - where PM Narendra Modi is staying in Israel - is 'most secure suite in the entire planet'

By Deepak - 05/07/2017

PM Narendra Modi, who is on a three-day visit to Israel, has been housed in one of the most safest suites in Israel.


You cannot afford to miss these monsoon destinations in India!

By Deepak - 04/07/2017

Check out these top five monsoon destinations!


How to apply hair tattoo: Step-by-step guide to apply temporary metallic hair tattoos at home

By Deepak - 03/07/2017

Here's how you can flaunt a brand new hair tattoo for several days!


DIY green tea scrub to get rid of dead skin cells

By Deepak - 30/06/2017

Green tea scrub is perfect for giving you a rejuvenated look by removing impurities from your face. Get rid of dead skin cells as well as dirt using this natural scrub.


Important tips to keep in mind before you take an inter-city cab

By Deepak - 29/06/2017

Here are a few key tips to keep in mind before hiring an inter-city cab.


Monsoon season tips: Must-have accessories

By Deepak - 28/06/2017

Here are a few tips on the kind of accessories you must carry during the monsoons.


These 3 habits are slowing down your metabolism!

By Deepak - 28/06/2017

Here are some of the habits that slow down your metabolism


Top events in July 2017 in India that you shouldn’t skip!

By Deepak - 28/06/2017

There are plenty of interesting events taking place in July.


Virat Kohli's picture 'peeping through dressing room' goes viral

By Deepak - 24/06/2017

Twitterati come up with hilarious captions


Places to visit in Delhi for couples

By Deepak - 20/06/2017

Wondering which are the best places to visit in Delhi for couples who have love on their mind? Here you go.


How to use onion juice to reduce hair fall

By Deepak - 19/06/2017

Try this home remedy to get rid of this problem in an inexpensive way.


6 fabrics that are perfect for monsoons

By Deepak - 19/06/2017

Tips on the right fabrics that one can opt for during the monsoon season. Here’s what they say


Haircuts that can make you look 10 years younger

By Deepak - 16/06/2017

choose the following haircuts as they tend to make one look younger.


Here are 5 creative ways of saying sorry to your love!

By Deepak - 15/06/2017

Sorry can be said in so many different ways


Jennifer Winget’s traditional look: Step-by-step guide to nail the Beyhadh actress’ bun hairdo

By Deepak - 15/06/2017

Get inspired by Beyhadh actress Jennifer Winget and rock this easy bun hairstyle for any traditional occasion.


Want to lose weight? Go vegetarian, suggests study!

By Deepak - 14/06/2017

For the small yet significant study, published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, the team randomly assigned 74 people to follow either a vegetarian or a conventional diet.


Fasting sugar levels and insulin are determinants of dietary weight loss

By Deepak - 14/06/2017

Differentiated findings for people with prediabetes and type 2 diabetes presented at the American Diabetes Association 77th Scientific Sessions


Easy hairdos for instant wedding plans

By Deepak - 10/06/2017

Get ready for an instant wedding plan


Struggling with these health conditions? Get married to help you live longer

By Deepak - 09/06/2017

A new research suggests that marriage may be the key to a longer life.


What a dance! This video of college girls dancing to Prabhu Deva's 'Muqabla' is making social media crazy - WATCH

By Deepak - 31/05/2017

Internet users are going crazy over this dance video of college girls.


Beat the heat in style

By Deepak - 24/05/2017

We have got 5 summer style hacks for you to beat the heat in style.


Illustrations Showing That Being a Woman Is an Art

By Vanita Labra - 10/05/2017

How familiar are these situations so vividly illustrated by the artist DreamOn


Indore is India’s cleanest city, UP’s Gonda dirtiest: Swachh Bharat survey

By Deepak - 05/05/2017

Indore replaces Mysuru as India’s cleanest city. Uttar Pradesh is the country’s dirtiest state but Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Varanasi constituency has shown a dramatic improvement.


Embarrassing Things All Women Do, But Will Never Admit

By Vanita Labra - 04/05/2017

The funny thing about embarrassing habits is we often have the exact same ones, but for some reason we don't talk to each other about them.


Places In Delhi To Pamper Your Mom This Mother’s Day

By Vanita Labra - 04/05/2017

Celebrate Mother's Day in Delhi on 14th May 2017. How to spend Mother's Day in Delhi. Mother's Days ideas in Delhi.


Zaheer Khan gets engaged to Sagarika Ghatge, announces ‘partnership’ in the wittiest way!

By Deepak - 25/04/2017

Zak took to twitter to announce his engagement in the wittiest way after losing his heart to the stunning maiden.


7 Honeymoon Destinations Abroad Almost Every Indian Can Afford

By Deepak - 21/04/2017

Go on and plan a perfect honeymoon for you and your spouse and make awesome memories…..


5 things you must avoid doing after being cheated on!

By Deepak - 18/04/2017

Moving on gracefully is the first thing to do.


5 fabrics to keep you cool this summer

By Deepak - 17/04/2017

There is more than just cotton that you can wear this summer.


Home remedies for greasy hair: 7 natural ways to manage oily hair this summer

By Deepak - 12/04/2017

Home remedies that you can use on your scalp to get rid of greasy hair.


What Is a Promise Ring? The Real Meaning

By Deepak - 11/04/2017

Read The Knot guide on what a promise ring means, what finger it goes on and how you should give one.


How To Choose Your Bridal Lehenga Colour According To Complexion?

By Deepak - 07/04/2017

Choosing Your Best Bridal Lehenga Colour According To Skin Tone


Never do these 5 things after you eat

By Deepak - 06/04/2017

Avoid doing these things after having a meal.


10 tips: How to respect co-workers and maintain professional decorum

By Deepak - 05/04/2017

Whether you are a recent hire or just need a refresher course on interoffice relationships, here are some practical reminders on maintaining professional decorum and respect in a shared workplace.


Mental health: Tips to stay mentally fit and strong

By Deepak - 05/04/2017

Here are a few things that mentally strong people adopt to maintain a healthy mental health.


12 Best Ways to Propose a Girl

By Deepak - 31/03/2017

Girl’s biggest dream is her perfect proposal. Each girl has a fantasy, to be posed The Question.


Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands

By Deepak - 27/03/2017

To dress up in an elegant and adorable manner has always remained a prime concern of human beings.


20 Good And Sophisticated Questions To Ask A Girl To Get Close To Her

By Deepak - 25/03/2017

Are you interested in a girl? And you are confused that what to do


10 sleep myths busted so you can get some rest

By Deepak - 25/03/2017

DOES counting sheep help you nod off and does eating cheese late at night give you nightmares?


Here are five best foods for healthy, lustrous hair

By Deepak - 23/03/2017

A healthy, balanced diet is not just limited to maintaining a good body weight, it is also key to strong, lustrous hair.


20 Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

By Deepak - 23/03/2017

If you already dated her for some time and you think now she is your girlfriend


Revealed - Why older women are better mothers than their younger counterparts

By Deepak - 22/03/2017

A new study has found that women, who experience motherhood later in life, are more compassionate mothers than their younger counterparts.


Hair transplant surgery: The perfect solution for your baldness

By Deepak - 21/03/2017

Baldness, also called hair loss, has become a common issue nowadays


The 10 Most Expensive Whiskey Bottles of All-Time

By Deepak - 16/03/2017

Whiskey has an interesting history and it’s always been valuable for one reason or another


10 Most Powerful Militaries in The World

By Deepak - 16/03/2017

They measure 40 different stats about a country, including number of aircraft carriers...


5 Fun and Easy hair Style for a Rocking Holi

By Vanita Labra - 11/03/2017

We give you 5 easy hairstyles that you could pick from to keep your hair safe and in place during Holi.


Holi special:How To Take Care Of Your Skin And Hair Post Holi

By Vanita Labra - 09/03/2017

Holi special: Tips to prevent hair damage and skin damage of post Holi


Holi 2017: Hair and Skin Care Precautions to Take Before Holi

By Vanita Labra - 09/03/2017

To ensure you have a great time this Holi, however don't regret it later, here are a few tips to remember before the holi games begin


International Women’s Day 2017: Virat Kohli, Yogeshwar Dutt lead way with wishes for the day

By Deepak - 08/03/2017

International Women’s Day 2017 has seen a lot of wishes by various celebrities from around the world


U.S. slips to seventh best country in the world after Trump election, Switzerland tops the list

By Deepak - 07/03/2017

world's best countries while Switzerland debuted at No. 1.


MI6 returns to 'tapping up' in effort to recruit black and Asian officers

By Deepak - 02/03/2017

Exclusive: The ‘tap on the shoulder’ is back, says the service’s chief, Alex Younger, in his first national newspaper interview


Self-Injury Awareness Day: When a loved one self-injures, symptoms and causes of self-harm

By Deepak - 01/03/2017

Self-injury Awareness Day (SIAD), also known as Self-Harm Awareness Day


Top 5 Pubs and Bars with Dance Floors in India

By Deepak - 23/02/2017

India's nightlife is rapidly developing and advancing in the significant urban areas. In the social centers of Mumbai, Bangalore, and Pune, the club scene is taking off. With an ever increasing number of foundations securing late licenses, the nightlife is flourishing. Dancing has always been a huge part of India’s culture, and Bollywood clubs still line the streets. In any case, there's another sort of club that has started to show up in the course of the most recent ten years. As business, global move music develops, so do the bars and clubs with move floors.


Top English Songs

By Deepak - 22/02/2017

best and latest hot hits top 12 English songs and these have been widely loved..


90s Trends That Made a Comeback

By Vanita Labra - 07/02/2017

Check out these Fashion Trends Are Bringing Back The '90s


Top Five World’s Most Luxurious And Expensive Weddings

By Admin - 01/02/2017

Take a look at these expensive weddings of all time…


Creative Inventions That Could Change The World and Make Your Life Easier

By Admin - 30/01/2017

These simple yet genius inventions all help solve life’s “little” problems and will bring a smile to your face!


Amazing Looks for Men This Winter

By Admin - 24/01/2017

Here are amazing winter looks to wrap you mind around.


Makeup Tips You Never Knew About

By Admin - 20/01/2017

Here we have 5 easy make-up tips to help you out. Have fun!


Amazing Ways To Focus And Avoid Negativity

By Admin - 18/01/2017

We are constantly only a stage far away from achieving our dreams, we should simply to overlook the negatives and concentrate on the positive. These ways will help you do only that.


10 things to make your relationship long lasting and forever

By Admin - 18/01/2017

Here are some master tips to help you remain together and forever


How to make rough hands soft in winters using home remedies

By Admin - 03/01/2017

Let's be honest: winter and skin are not the best of companions.cold, drying focal warming and nonstop soaping to beat off winter, join to make the perfect storm for the dry skin. Also, the fight with dry skin goes on easily in winters.