"Photograph" Movie Review

Gaurav Joshi, 15/03/2019
"Photograph" Movie Review

Photograph movie review

Six years after the success of his Debut film ‘The Lunchbox,’ Ritesh Batra is back again with Photograph. Ritesh Batra’s new movie Photograph starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Sanya Malhotra, showcase a story of a girl who allows her plainness to define her. As per this movie the camera never lies and is a tool of vilification and investigation. Continuing with his previous tone including a sense of editing this movie is also similar quiet and wistful too. The movie speaks in itself in its most silent moments which are the best part.  Shooting Mumbai in composing frames by Cinematographer Ben Kutchins appears as still photographs. The photograph is setting itself up at a take-out from the average typical Hindi film.


  The storyline of Photograph movie revolves round a photographer who comes to the city from UP for earning and who shoots visitors to Mumbai’s Gateway of India monument.   He persuades a young chartered accountancy student to pose as her girlfriend to turn aside pressure from his grandmother to get married. All along this journey, both strikes up a relationship that film hopes will be mistaken for love. The couple makes an oddball, yet they are able to fill and indefinable emptiness in each other’s life. Enjoy amazing discount offers available while choosing to book movie ticket online with Bookmyshow Coupons.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Rafi shares a single room in a slum with his friends and also has a grandmother who wants him to get married. The time he met shy Sanya Malhotra as Miloni he finds a way and passes off Miloni as his lover Noorie. She plays along as is very fond of adventure. The story turns up more interesting with the entry of Rafi’s grandmother Farrukh Jafar. She gets so much busy with Noorie that she fails to notice the cultural, as well as economic differences amid both, pretend lovers who are all lies. Being a complete stranger but Miloni pretends as Rafi’s fiancée for well being of his grandmother and slowly than them both discovered that they have a lot in common including their nature and both found themselves in the world that has never understood their emotions and hopes.



Similar as Batra’s debut film Lunchbox released in 2013 was an epistolary romance in the age of email, Photograph stands up against the Instagram and Smartphone and appears to be taking place in the 1990s. However, the movie does not have sufficient depth to justify its time trappings, though the unlikely relationship has one solid and nicely pitched performance. Sanya Malhotra is watchful and quite impressive and performed at her best as her life as Miloni adds flair drama through many unexpected ways. On the other hand, Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Rafi struggles with poorly etched character and  Farrukh Jafar as a grandmother are not as charming as Photograph think she is but performing as Miloni’s maid in her cameo role Geetanjali Kulkarni gives her glimpse and is good.

Photograph movie tries to embody the emotions of childhood, simple joys, introspection as well as nostalgia and fairly succeeds. The lead characters of the film are quite gentle, without much sparks and exchanges subtle glances and force the audience to read their minds. Undoubtedly Batra’s thoughts are gorgeous, but the blatantly restrained treatments do not add up and validate the overall beauty. What is best in Photograph is the brilliance of Nawazuddin Siddiqui as he is the master to convey his unsaid emotions. Sanya, on the other hand, underplays sometimes but successfully hold her own part of an actor. Batra’s storyline with subtle humor which is created by Rafi and his friends is a clever stroke. Rafi’s dadi being on a hunger strike to pressurize him to get married is the subject of much mirth all through the movie and also the main reason that brings the couple together.


You require patience with Photograph as it will take time to warm up and will take you Batra’s world. If you appreciate vagueness, then the film leaves a lot to understanding and imagination which has its own charisma. The climax of the movie is cleverly done and which makes you ponder and crave for more. You can also try to book this on available online ticket booking platform and grab good discount by using Freecharge Offers for movie tickets. Photograph movie is not a perfect shot but it’s intriguing will take you back in time.  In terms of acting, there are no regrets or complains as Nawaz is always treat to watch and Sanya is fantastic. In the end, the movie will deliver themes of nostalgia, longing and will leave you wistful.

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